Online Dating? Studies Say Your Looks Matter A LOT!

Hoping that your winning personality will snag you the love of your life? Studies have concluded that online dating and the digital world have made mixed-attractiveness couples are a rare occurrence these days. Image matters, especially in this highly competitive dating world. When online dating, people see your picture first and if it’s not one that captures their attention, they’re going to move on to the next and pass you by, regardless of what a great catch you are. Even the dating sites base their recommendations on people they think you’d find attractive. So what do you do? Well, you make sure you market yourself in the best way possible, that’s what!

Online Dating? Studies Say Your Looks Matter A LOT!

With online dating, you really don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Essentially, you’re being judged for your looks. If the person finds you attractive and appealing they’ll click on your profile and learn more about you. Same goes for if you’re in public and see someone you find attractive, you don’t know what they are like personally, but what you see you find appealing. This is why, with dating, image is everything!! You have to be dateable to be successful when dating and to find your very own happily ever after. More and more, I am meeting so many people who are sabotaging their dating life because they refuse to update their image and fine tune their social skills. They don’t think there’s anything wrong with them and think someone should just accept them the way they are. But that’s the wrong attitude to have, be yourself, yes, but be the best version of yourself. If you don’t market yourself properly then you’re doomed in the competitive dating world, sorry to say.

Mixed-attractiveness couples, according to these studies, especially online, are much less common than they used to be when people grew up together and ended up with their school sweethearts that they got to know over time. I’ve written about what I like to call “interfacial” relationships. They’re definitely few and far between, not impossible, but definitely the exception. We all like to think we can date out of our league because we’ve got so much to offer, but, the reality is that it’s very difficult and rare. So what you CAN do is be who you want to date. If you want to date someone who’s very well dressed and attractive, then be well dressed and attractive yourself. Looks matter, plain and simple. Definitely, do bring your “A Game” to every encounter, especially in your online dating profile. You really can’t afford not to.

Opposites DON’T Attract – Both in Looks & Life

According to academics interested in dating, “it’s well established that “opposites attract” is a myth. Study after study supports the idea of “assortative mating”: the hypothesis that people generally date and marry partners who are like them in terms of social class, educational background, race, personality, and, of course, attractiveness.” So there you have it, opposites don’t attract, they may at the beginning for the sake of novelty, but in the end you forge long-lasting relationships with people who have similar interests, lives and values. That makes a lot of sense in my own life and my own experiences as well. Things should just flow easily with someone, you shouldn’t have to struggle in any way. It’s great to have different pastimes and interests but as long as they’re complimentary then you should do well. For example, if one person is extremely athletic and you’re a couch potato (even if you’re a HOT couch potato) then it’s really not going to be an easy ride.

All this may seem harsh but really it’s not, you need to take marketing yourself really seriously, you really do. I can’t stress that enough. I’d really like to help you with that, this is why I’m going to be releasing my new workbook to help you attract the love you desire for free … if you’re interested in receiving a free copy when it’s released then click HERE and register your name, tell your friends too because this is a VERY VALUABLE resource and it’s FREE! You CAN increase your datability and chances at your very own happily ever after, you just have to choose to get out of your comfort zone and start thinking strategically. I’ll show you how!

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