Steve Harvey offers dating advice to a Greensboro woman


Television show host and comedian Steve Harvey will have a little fun with twin sisters from Greensboro and offer dating advice to one of them on a Tuesday episode of the television show “Steve Harvey.”
In the episode, Harvey helps a woman named Arlene LaFrance Mitchell, who says her twin sister Darlene Mitchell is in desperate need of a dating intervention.
The sisters are best friends and roommates. Now that Arlene is dating someone, she wants Steve to help Darlene turn her dating life around so she can find a good man too.
Arlene brings “evidence” to Steve Harvey to prove just how bad of a dater Darlene is, including Darlene’s ex-boyfriend, who Arlene says was a perfect match for her. Darlene’s excuse for breaking up with him was that he was “too nice.” Other “evidence” that Arlene brings along includes a screen shot of Darlene’s dating profile (which includes no information and no photos), as well as a text message chain between Darlene and a man that she was dating. As soon as the man said he was unavailable to get together because he had plans with his friends, Darlene cut off communication with him and never saw him again!
Darlene admits she can be a little “tough” on the men she dates, but chalks it up to the fact that she doesn’t want to compromise her dating standards.

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