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Perhaps you were expecting a simple ‘Hi’ but they decided to take the conversation way too far way too early on.
For most of us, we’d just un-match. Simple.
But it certainly does raise the question: What makes these people think it’s okay to be so forward?
And would the conversation have been the same should the communication have taken place in real-life?
One woman wanted to find out.
On behalf of Super Deluxe and with a camera crew by her side, 31-year-old Jessie made it her mission to confront a bunch of guys who were pretty inappropriate with her after matching on Tinder.
Having received messages such as ‘Can I smack that?’ and ‘I would love to eat your pussy’, Jessie asked each sender to meet her in person.
Of course, she didn’t reveal what they were meeting for – and so they were expecting some sort of hook-up.
However, they were all seriously surprised when they walked in to see the girl they’d been messaging sat at a table surrounded by cameras.
So much so, that only handful agreed to speak to her.
Getting down to business, Jessie questioned them on their motives and the way they had spoken to her.
Unsurprisingly, each man seemed to be rather uncomfortable, passing off their unwanted messages being a ‘joke’.
‘I think online it’s like, all words, you know?’ one man said. ‘In person, it’s a little different.’
It was also noted that the use of online dating was a way to focus solely on what you want rather than the person you’re talking to.
But then things got real when Jessie asked one of her Tinder matches to read through their conversation together. And that’s when things got real – and extremely awkward.
The conversations Jessie had were incredibly insightful and really helped show how personalities can differentiate when behind a screen and in person.
In fact, they all seemed to be rather nice, normal guys in person. Which certainly begs the question: Why let yourselves down online?

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