1 in 10 rape cases on University of Minnesota campus lead to arrest


– When students return to the University of Minnesota campus in a few weeks, the ground rules in the bedroom will be a little different.  President of the University, Eric Kaler is going forward with what’s being called an Affirmative Consent Policy even before the Board of Regents approves it.  That policy requires students to “unambiguously consent” to sex in words or actions. That consent must be “continuous and on-going.”  Anything short of that could be considered sexual assault.

But the FOX 9 Investigators discovered few rapes on campus are ever reported to police, and only one in ten lead to an arrest or criminal charges.

The Fox 9 Investigators asked for all reported rapes and sexual assaults on the University of Minnesota campus for the last 10 years.
Out of 62 rapes and sex assaults reported to University police in the last decade (from 2005-2015 at U of M campus):

*23 cases are still open, some in limbo for years, waiting for new evidence.
*10 cases the victim refused to cooperate.
*1 case unfounded.
*6 cases, less than 10 percent, led to an actual arrest or criminal charges.
*Prosecution declined in 21 cases, a third of the time.

According to Katie Eichele, from the University’s Aurora Center which counsels sexual assault victims, prosecutors pursue cases they know they are going to win.  “So when prosecution is looking at a case they’re saying what is it going to take to convince a jury.  And what we know about juries is that there is victim blaming. That they carry biases;  ‘what was person drinking’, ‘what were they wearing’, Eichele explained.

 Source: http://www.fox9.com/news/12385885-story


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