10 things you should know before dating a woman who’s always on a diet

She will decide where you are eating- Depending on what place she’s in- she might want to splurge before her next diet starts with an all you can eat buffet or cut back and stick with her current plan- don’t assume anything.

Be prepared for mood swings- At the beginning of a diet, be very kind and penitent with her or better yet- avoid her until the first few withdrawal days are over.

She will eat loads and then complain about her body- Do not tell her that what she has just eaten will not help her cause- she knows what she has to do- she just hasn’t got her head in the game yet. Tell her you love her body- even with a food baby poking out.

She will talk endlessly about her new diet- It’s a novelty at first, so let her babble on about it so she feels she can justify why she’s surviving on just meat, or shakes, or bars every day.

She will weigh herself every day- Depending on what the number is- you can have a really good day together or a really bad one- but she will never show you that number so judge it by her face post-scales.

She will ask for your support- And then get you to drive her for take away because she is having a bad day. At this point support magically transforms from stopping her eating the burger to ordering two for her.

If periods and diets coincide- Stay well clear my friend- especially if the first day of her period lands on the first day of her diet- your life may be at risk if you say the wrong thing or the right thing that she has taken completely out of context.

She will spend a large portion of her wage on diet rated products- So don’t hold much hope of being able to do anything extravagant while she’s on it because her disposable income is next to nothing.

Don’t offer her advice- If you tell her after losing nothing that a good poo will shift the pounds- you may end up sleeping on the couch.

Don’t eat something tasty while she’s on her plan- If she is sat at one end of the couch chomping on a plate of lettuce- don’t make her favourite meal for yourself or you may find it rammed up your rectum.
Source: Female First

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