The 10 #online #dating bio’s to #NEVER #use

It’s no secret that people all around the world are getting involved on dating websites and apps like bumble and tinder…

Meeting someone online is realistically how so many of us date these days.

Your bio has a massive influence on who will be swiping right and sooo many people feel pressured to write the right words.

Here’s a list of some common bios to avoid.

1. Nothing

Writing nothing can be a dangerous path. “Want to know more? Just ask?. They’re wanting to know more about what? You didn’t write anything…

2. Negativity 

“Looking for someone who ACTUALLY wants to meet up/I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time here/ only swipe right if you can actually hold a DECENT conversation’. You know a lot of these are actually fair to want, but saying it upfront in your bio makes you very intimidating to strike up a conversation with.

3. Saying you’re not actually active on the dating website and to follow your social media instead

This pretty much says “I’m looking for more IG followers and if you follow me then you have a better shot with me”.

4. ‘Rest in Peace…’ 

‘RIP Grandma 9/23/06′.

This one isn’t as common but still happens, cause we’re all sure your grandma wanted to be immortalized in ya dating profile.

5. Complaining about generic first messages 

It’s just pretty condescending and really just makes it intimidating for anyone to actually initiate conversation with you

6. ‘No drama’ 

This one is a preeetty big red flag for anyone seeing your profile. It probably means that you’ll instigate a ton of drama and blame people for it.

7. ‘I am an extroverted introvert’

Congrats, you’re human!

8 ‘Your mother will love me’ 

Some people might read this and think, are they wanting to date me or my mum?!

9. ‘I am an intellectual’ 

You sorta just look a little pretentious by saying this… wow them with your wit in the messages but don’t scare them away with it in ya profile!

10. Emojis

Yeah… we’ve all probably been there. Sometimes it just seems easier to use emojis that risking the mistakes above. Turns out they can be a little hard to decipher sometimes and that’s why it can be best to stick with words, and maybe an emoji or two.

Now that that’s all done, get swiping ya’ll!