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For marriage-minded singles, dating is a means to an end.

Wannabe brides get plenty of dating advice. But what about online dating tips for guys who want to get married?

For those who have not yet had success with online dating, you may have a negative view of the possibilities that online dating brings.

It’s easy to make assumptions about the kinds of people you’d meet online. You may feel that there are plenty of scams and reasons to be cautious when searching for romance on the web.

Yes, there are plenty of participants whose goals are… not of the highest intentions. Also, there are probably more reasons to swipe left than to swipe right.

However, I’d like to propose that there are plenty of people who genuinely want to find an awesome partner for a long-term, committed relationship — even marriage.

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Men and women date differently online.

It’s no secret that male and female brains are different. Very different! And, while those differences are great material for stand-up routines and eye-rolls between besties, they actually have their basis in anatomy and physiology.

Now, let’s translate those differences to a format like online dating. The setup is structured — checkboxes, click on your interests, fill in the blanks, download photos, and write a short essay on who you are and who’d you like to meet.

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