5 thoughts on “12 Years a Slave, A Hidden History Analysis with Bro. Amani Bey Pt.1

  1. 1000gohead

    12 Years a Slave, A Hidden History Analysis with Bro. Amani Bey Pt.1?

  2. Emperial Washitaw

    at least 3,000 Americans (so-called Indians) are known to have been shipped
    to Europe between 1493 and 1501 (the Columbus Expeditions), with the likely
    total being possibly double that. Most were sent to the Seville area, where
    they seem to show up in the slave markets as Negroes. These are major
    contradictions to the whole slave trade myth. Blacks were always in
    America! The “Missing Indians” are Negroes! The slaves sold on the slave
    markets in the South were initially the black people from right here in
    this Hemisphere. As they took the lands here, they enslaved the inhabitants
    of those lands who were blacks. The tens of millions of Americans
    (so-called Indians) who disappeared after 1492 did not all die in the
    ‘holocaust’ inflicted within America. Many thousand were sent to Europe and
    Africa as slaves. The whole slave trade myth is that the whole story was
    given to us in reverse. A mass colony of Africans were not shipped from
    Africa to America, but the truth is that Black Indians were shipped from
    America to Europe! They were then shipped from Spain to Africa as commodity
    for African resources. These Black Indians (now mistaken as Africans) were
    shipped back to America and classified as “African Slaves.” This part of
    our history is what the school systems failed to mention in their history

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