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Board members of the Broward County School District did not hold back on their disappointment with the pool of applicants for the interim superintendent job.

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CBS 4’s Austin Carter live in downtown Fort Lauderdale outside school district headquarters. Austin, what’s the latest on the search?

Well, Elliot, not many applications from those who are already within the Broward County School district. Now, this meeting to discuss all of this just got underway Just under an hour ago. And I got to tell you, some of these board members are not happy with who has already applied.

I don’t think that there are really any qualified applicants on this list, and I would like to suggest that we put it out again.

The hunt for the next superintendent of Broward County Schools getting underway Thursday inside the district’s headquarters during a special workshop. There are 13 internal applicants looking to fill the interim role who applied before the May 28th deadline. Two applicants applied after. They all have various positions across Broward County Public schools, including teachers and their assistants. The board not holding back on their disappointment with the search.

Who would want to apply to be the next interim superintendent in this district? Because you’re slaughtered when you come here.

On Wednesday, outgoing superintendent Robert Runcie and his lawyer appeared in front of a judge asking to dismiss his case. He was slapped with the cuffs back in April along with General counsel Barbara Myrick. Runcie was charged with perjury, accused of lying to a grand jury. That was formed after the tragic Parkland shooting to investigate how the district was spending money on safety issues.

Myrick was charged with unlawful disclosure of the Grand jury proceedings. School board member Lori Alhadeff daughter was killed in the 2018 Stoneman Douglas Highschool shooting. She told CBS 4 previously she wants a change.

I know that Mr. Bennett, he didn’t pull the trigger, but his lack of leadership as superintendent.

Earlier this afternoon, board members also discussed the search for the next general counsel to replace the interim board members then said they did not want to rush that process. We are live in downtown Fort Lauderdale I’m Austin Carter CBS 4 News.

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