14 essential rules for Tinder dating in Bristol

So you’ve locked eyes (well, Tinder profiles) with a gorgeous Brizzle guy or gal.

Things are going well, and you’ve found yourself daydreaming about the day when you’ll both delete your profiles and skip off into an Ashton Court sunset together.

Well, call us cupid because we’ve rounded up our top tips for Tinder dating a Bristolian.

1. Take to the water

Let’s face it: online dating can sometimes be pretty intimidating. So, if you want us to feel at home when we meet offline for the first time, take us for a date on a boat. No, really. There are so many boat-based bars, clubs and restaurants in Bristol that we feel a bit odd if we’re on dry land for too long.

2. Include a cute pet picture
Works like a charm, though we hate to admit it. Pop an adorable pet in the foreground of your profile pic, and watch the date offers come rolling in. Then, when you meet up, all you need to do is be more lovable than your labrador/tabby/teacup pig. Foolproof, right?

3. Prepare to commit
…plenty of time, that is, if you want to find a Tinder crush to commit to. Tinder may be a pretty straightforward affair – right for yes, left for no, simples – but blimey, is it addictive. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself swiping into the early hours when you’d planned for an early night.

4. Summer = dating season

Summer in Bristol is blissful. Bristol Harbour Fest, Bristol Walking Festival, Love Saves The Day, Upfest, Wildscreen Festival… the list (and the summer fun) goes on, and on. It’s the perfect time to Tinder it up. Even if the date doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have had a great time!

5. Bristol’s a small city…
Sometimes, it feels a little TOO small. Beware of moments like this – no carelessly swiping right without looking, people, or who knows what could happen…

6. Everyone’s a humanitarian

We’re a little tired of those photos of Tinder folk on their gap years, petting tigers in Thailand or stroking elephant’s trunks (NOT a euphemism. Honestly, you’ve been on Tinder too long). Showing off much? Let’s see some pics of you hanging out at Bristol Zoo instead – in fact, why not take us there on a date?

7. Get kooky with your date ideas

Whether it’s outdoor cinemas or an ‘adult’ night at @Bristol (er, it’s not as risque as it sounds!), here in Bristol we’re used to a truly original night out. Want to make an honest Bristolian of us? Time to kick things up a notch, and tempt us off Tinder onto a real-life date with your best quirky date ideas!

8. …And with your drinks mixing
When it comes to cocktails, we’re a tough crowd to please. We’re well acquainted with some pretty cool watering holes, you see. Red Light, Hyde & Co and Milk Thistle to name a few. So if you’ve got mixology skills, we’ll be particularly impressed.

9. Forget ‘Netflix and chill’

Delete that nonsense from your bio, right now, to be in with the chance of bagging a Bristolian. We like to get out and about. Ashton Court, round the harbourside, up Park Street to check out the shops – we don’t mind. Bristol’s too beautiful to waste the day indoors!

10. Show a little skin

There’s a time and a place for a bikini/boardshort photo: that place is Tinder, and the time is now. Many a Bristolian boasts an awesome array of tattoos – if you’re lucky, some of them will be on show on their profile. To see more, ahem, personal tatts, you’ll need to take them on a few dates first…

11. Purchase a padlock
If things end up going well, we might want to make it official by attaching a padlock (with your initials engraved, of course) to Pero’s Bridge. You know, the one with the giant metal trumpets. Because who says Tinder love can’t last forever?

12. Dig out your dancing shoes

Live music is our bread and butter. And it better be yours, too, if you’re going to keep up with us. From raving at Motion to jazz at The Old Duke, we adore it all. Include a pic of you on a musical night out – it’ll help to charm us out from behind our phone screens to meet you in person. You’re welcome.

13. Grab your knife and fork

Forget clocks: we’ve been known to tell the time of day by whether we’re ready for brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks. Not hungry? That’s not going to work for us. It’s best to make it clear over Tinder that there’ll be plenty of good food involved when we meet for the first time. Maybe pop your fave restaurant in your bio, just to be sure.

14. Start packing your things…

Spend a little offline-time with your Bristolian and you’ll want to live here, too. All the best people do, as you’ve just found out!

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