Poison control centers seeing increase in date rape drug cases



The Georgia Poison Center says they’ve seen cases of the so-called date rape drug, or “GHB,” double in the last year.

“We saw a doubling of cases that really surprised us,” said Dr. Gaylord Lopez with the Georgia Poison Center.

“Literally, this drug will render a victim unconscious; knock them out for a handful of hours. They will probably lose memory of the incident then can be violated,” Lopez said.

In 2014, the Georgia Poison Center says they received 50 calls mostly from emergency rooms about GHB or the date rape drug.

“We’ve seen tragically a 2-year-old and 9-year-old being given this stuff purposely by the parent,” Lopez said.

In August, a Gwinnett County man was charged with child cruelty after investigators found GHB in his 2-year-old niece’s system.

Whether it is to put a kid to sleep or use for a high at a night club Dr. Gaylord Lopez has a warning:

“These people are playing with fire when they are taking this stuff. One minute they could be awake, the next moment they could be comatose,” Lopez said.

“You’ve got to always cover your drink, watch your drink, see who is making it. Make sure you know what you are drinking,” said Danielle Young who was outside a Buckhead bar Wednesday night.

Lopez says it’s not clear what is contributing to the increase.

source: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/poison-control-centers-seeing-increase-date-rape-d/nkDtc/


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