15 Signs That The Guy You’re Dating Is Your Prince Charming


It’s every girl’s dream to find her Prince Charming and whilst you feel like you’ve probably kissed so many frogs in your lifetime that you don’t understand how more keep on coming, you know that you’ll get there one day. And he will be so perfect for you that all of your friends will be jealous and you’ll be so blissfully happy you’ll wonder if you’re dreaming. Hopefully you won’t wake up single and realise that he doesn’t actually exist…

But everyone is different so no relationship is never going to be the same. You’re in a territory that you’ve never experienced before and you’re unsure of what the guy you’re dating is really thinking. Some boys can be very hard to read and although they’re fun to be around, they can be quite serious and they might not really speak a lot – not because they don’t want to but because that’s just the way they are. Some men are the epitome of manliness and it can feel like there are certain barriers that he has up but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing.

If you’re in the first few weeks or months of dating and he doesn’t really give a lot away, how can you tell that he genuinely likes you or if he’s just using you as a time filler? He hasn’t directly told that he loves you, let alone that he likes you, but you’ve made room for him in your life and you think that you’re falling for him. So, could this guy be your Prince?

If he does the following things, then you should just change your name to Cinderella right now…

Both physically and geographically (wink wink).

He isn’t bothered about who sees you two kissing in public and he’s very determined to show you off. He’ll hold your hand, link your arm and look after you; you’re basically one of those couples you see in public that makes you sick. But it isn’t all about kissing on the mouth and putting everyone off of their lunch; he’ll kiss your hand, your check and your forehead because, cute.

In the bedroom, he’ll also kiss you everywhere. He won’t leave one inch of your body untouched by his mouth and he’ll pretty much do his best to make sure you’re satisfied first and then another six times before he lets you take over.

Source: What Culture


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