Aloha woman seeking love online finds scammer

ALOHA, Ore. — An Aloha woman wants to warn everyone, especially women, to be extra careful when it comes to online dating.

“There are scammers,” said Karen Hancock.

Hancock, 64, turned to OkCupid, an online dating site, to find friendship and love. Hancock met a guy who introduced himself as William Gaudsmith, a special agent working in Africa.

“I was intrigued,” said Hancock. “I was married to two former military men.”

The two went back and forth over email for several days. It was exciting but Hancock could not shake her uneasy feeling. Something just was not right. Then Gaudsmith asked Hancock for $550. He said it would go towards a secure phone line that terrorists could not hack.

“He wants us to share a closer intimacy,” said Hancock. “Take our relationship to another level.”

The odd request, coupled with the even odder emails, led Hancock to one conclusion – this was a scam.

“It hurts,” she said. “It really hurts cause here I thought it’s a possibility.”

Hancock never sent the money, but she did file a report with the Federal Trade Commission. She does not want other women falling for the military romance scam.

As for her quest for love, Hancock is not giving up. She is simply taking a more traditional approach.

“I feel that probably the best way to meet somebody is eyeball to eyeball.”

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