25 Common Date Venues Guys Pick and Reasons Behind It


Ever wondered how guys come up with the location for your first official date? Here’s our take on the matter, and what we think their reasons are.

The location of your first date is a deciding factor on how your relationship starts. Romantic settings are always the best choices for people who are serious about their dates. Casual locations suggest a reluctance to commit, until your date is sure that you’re as sincere as they are.

A lot of times, however, the place he chooses isn’t what matters. The person you’re with and how they treat you is what’s really important. Still, it won’t hurt to know why your partner chose the location of your first date. The reasons can even be amusing, at times.

What does his chosen first date location say about him?

#1 Expensive restaurants. Only two kinds of guys will choose an expensive restaurant for a first date, and only one of them can afford it. He’s either very rich or very whipped. Taking you to an expensive restaurant shows that they’re willing to shell out this much dough for succeeding dates in your relationship. Whichever of the two it may be, it might still mean you’re dating an overcompensating schmuck.

#2 Casual diner. It’s so ordinary that it could be considered cool. The casual setting allows you to let your guard down, so you can enjoy your night without any pressure. Either that, or you’re just stuck with a good, old-fashioned cheapskate.

#3 A vegetarian/vegan restaurant. A guy will take you to this kind of place if: a) you suggested it, or b) he’s establishing his position as a self-righteous health nut with a penchant for ecological warmongering. We’re kidding. Vegans and vegetarians are relatively nice… when they’re not hungry. The good thing about it is that you’ll probably lose weight during this relationship, or as long as you can stand snorting wheatgrass.

#4 Amusement parks. The guy who will take you to an amusement park has a very obvious playful side. He probably knows that you’ll have more unadulterated fun in an active setting like that. Or you might be dating a thirteen year-old.

#5 A regular park. The walk-in-the-park guy is probably sensitive and down-to-earth. He is also a romantic who enjoys the simple things in life. A walk in the park seems inexpensive, but there are so many things to do in the big city parks.

There are lots of food options, as well as extra-curricular activities for you and your date to try. Although, there’s a slim chance that your date probably lives in said park if he thinks that it’s a good location for a first date.

#6 A different country. Remember when Monica of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and one of her boyfriends went on their first date to an Italian restaurant in Rome? If your date takes you on a date like that, you’re probably dating Jon Favreau.

Men like these are part of the very elite 0.1%. They either own a huge company or a company that owns huge companies. A first date in Canada and Mexico don’t count if you live within 100 miles of those countries. [Read: Is it too soon to start traveling together?]

#7 International cuisine. Ah, an adventurer! A guy who takes you to places that serve exotic dishes probably loves experiencing new things. Your travel itinerary will never be boring when you’re dating someone who loves trying foreign food. If it turns out that he’s not as adventurous as you thought, he probably just really liked the specials and was too shy to ask if you preferred to get takeout instead. [Read: 13 romantic dinner date ideas for two]

#8 Their parent’s house. He wants you to meet his parents! Awww. This guy knows what he wants and he’s not scared to make a move as serious as this one. Ladies, if you’re looking for your future husband, be on the lookout for guys who take you to their parents’ house on the first date.

#9 Bars. It can be a good sign, because it shows that a guy is willing to be real with you. He likes going to bars, so he’ll take you to a bar. You can relax, and enjoy talking to each other in an easy setting. There are lots of food options like onion rings, cheese sticks, and whatnot. And lucky you if the bar serves Pigs in a Blanket! Also, you might be dating an alcoholic, but hey, free shots!

#10 Pubs. A European bar. There’s a possibility that your date might be sporting his own Pig in a Blanket.

#11 Clubs. Your date loves the party scene, but he also wants to experience it with you. He lives for the night, but he’s not a vampire. You’ll end up spending the night together, but it’s not what you think.

You’ll leave the club as morning seeps through the sky. Bonus points if he takes you somewhere with a good view of the sunrise. If he only calls you for club meet ups, however, he’s probably a promoter, and your name helps him get his quota.

#12 A high school prom. It’s cute, it’s nostalgic and it’s free – unless there are tickets involved. Your date knows how to surprise you with quirky dates like this, and he knows that proms are the prime place to get free booze. Just make sure that you check their driver’s license, and see if they’re not part of the curriculum.

#13 A palace. He might be a part of the royal entourage or has enough connections to get you into a high-security location like this one. Who cares? Your first date is in a palace! A guy like this will probably treat you like a princess because he hangs out with the likes of princesses and princes. He can also be either Prince Harry, or he scored you both killer tour group tickets.

#14 A castle. He’s a prince from the past who’s looking for a maiden he can take home to his dying father, the king. That would be so cool, but the best you can hope for is that this guy’s from old money, and he’s not shy about showing you his roots. Either that or like we said before: killer tour group tickets.

#15 A coffee shop. They’re pretty tame, but it’s a nice place for you to get to know each other because the seats are comfy, and the decor makes you feel like the ten-dollar cup of coffee is worth it. The guy who takes you to a place like this is probably wary of taking you out somewhere fancy because he doesn’t know if you’re really into him. If that isn’t the case, he’s probably a basic bro who knows the whole coffee menu by heart.

#16 A milk tea shop. Hipster basic bro. Period.

#17 His place. Oh, you know how this ends. The guy who suggests going to his place is only in it for the booty. But sometimes they can surprise you. They might not have any nefarious plans and just want you to meet their cat? [Read: Sex on the first date – should you give in to the urge?]

#18 Your place. The guy who takes you to your own place is someone who YOU asked out for the sole reason of showing him your own cat. Either that, or you were just really, really horny.

#19 A stable. This guy’s a billionaire in the making. He has dark hair, intensely blue eyes and always wears his shirts with the top buttons undone. His hair might be long or short, depending on how you like it.

He will only go out with you if you’re an innocent heiress who spends an inordinate amount of time in the stable he works in. You will have a passionate love affair that ends with your father taking you somewhere halfway around the world. When you return, that guy will be the richest man on earth, and you’ll live happily ever after.

#20 Skype. His name is either Nev or Max, and they’re the hosts of a popular TV show on MTV.

#21 Bowling. He has no originality or any qualms about using rented shoes that have been worn by hundreds of other people. He will show you a good time and will probably dump you if you bowl a turkey. Don’t worry. The next date will go better because he’s going to take you to an ice-skating rink!

#22 The beach. He’s either a surfer or someone who grew up in Southern California. He wants you to experience the serene and calming effect that the sea has on him. He wants you to be one with the waves, and he’s itching to see you in a bikini… But you brought a rash guard instead.

#23 A concert. This guy either really likes you or he really likes the band. He wants to impress you with his musical tastes, but he probably won’t care if your legs give out because “You’re not supposed to sit in a concert!” If you’re rolling in the VIP section, good for you. If he got you nosebleed seats, urge him to play his iPod on your date instead. [Read: 7 ways to make dating a music lover more fun]

#24 A karaoke bar. He’s either from Southeast Asia or he’s got a really, really good voice. This guy wants to impress you and endear you. He has a song lined up to make you feel awkward and warm and fluffy inside, all at the same time. He also signed you up to sing “Endless Love” with him.

#25 The perfect location. Even if you’ve experienced lots of first dates in the locations mentioned above, none of it would matter if you spent that time with someone you really liked. The perfect first date location is anywhere that you feel comfortable with. It’s the only place where you’ll start to feel those initial sparks that will signal the start of a loving relationship.

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Half the reasons up here were written in jest, but half of them are basically true. Guys have different tastes and passions, so it’s understandable that some of them will take you to surprising first date locations. The important thing to remember is that you should focus more on your date, rather than the location.

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