25 Dating Turnoffs That Make Us Want To Run For The Exits

The Huff/Post50 team and its post-50 Facebook fans had a lot to say when we started comparing our dating horror stories. What have YOU encountered that made you want to run for the exit? Please post in the comments below. We hate it when our date:

1. Constantly talks about his/her ex, who is apparently deeply mentally imbalanced or the devil himself.

2. Spends the evening talking about his age-related physical ailments.

3. Offers to show you his bunions.

4. Uses the word colonoscopy on your first date.

5. Begins sentences with the words, “In my day.”

6. Announces on the first date that he never wants to remarry.

7. Wears too much makeup in an attempt to look young.

8. Brags about generally dating people at least 25 years younger than you.

9. Complains about “young people today.”

10. Lies about his/her age.

11. Can’t just order from the menu.

12. Orders you a drink without asking what you’d like.

13. Walks in your house and immediately grabs the TV remote.

14. Can’t remember the last book he/she read but has watched every episode of “America’s Got Talent” and “Biggest Loser.”

15. Won’t ever let you come to his/her house because “it’s a mess.” You strongly suspect “it’s a mess” is a euphemism for “I live with my mother.”

16. Always wants to hang out at your place but never offers to contribute groceries or wine.

17. Suggests you split dessert and then hogs the plate.

18. Texts you 20 minutes after he/she was supposed to be at the coffee meet saying he/she is running late (or canceling).

19. Asks if you can “skip steps” in the getting acquainted process because you are both more mature and have relationship experience. (H/T Carol Schaffer.)

20. Doesn’t want to meet your teenage or adult children.

21. Brings her Chihuahua to bed and is more focused on making sure you don’t roll over on the dog than she is the sheet show.

22. Disappears into the bedroom on your first date (then you find him waiting for you naked.) (H/T: Maria L. Elizondo Minervino.)

23. Takes an ecstasy tablet before your date. (H/T: Lauren East.)

24. Expects you to have sex with him on the first date because he bought dinner. (H/T: Linda Jackson.)

25. Tells you his/her ex took him to the cleaners, just as the check comes.

Source: Huffington Post

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