3 #Foolproof Ways To #Avoid #Wasting Your #Time When #Dating #Online


Today, we start almost any meaningful relationship online, whether it’s platonic, professional, or romantic. Even if we do not start the relationship online, then it certainly grows or diminishes as a result of online interactions on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

So, it makes a lot of sense that we have turned to the internet to help us find our mates. Whether someone is seeking a long-term partner, a one-night “fling,” or something in between, there’s a site or app for you. No matter what you’re looking for online, we all experience similar struggles. It’s hard to know who is reliable, worth of your time, or even real!

Fortunately, there are a few hard and fast rules we can all use to stay safe and avoid wasting our time.
Here are a few tips to avoid wasting time, energy, and emotional bandwidth when dating online:

1. Meet Sooner Rather Than Later
While you shouldn’t rush to meet someone after two replies, it is also a bad idea to wait weeks to meet up and test your connection. Over the course of weeks, the two of you will likely invest a lot emotionally in one another. If you meet up and there is no connection, then you’ve just wasted a lot of time and emotion on someone who isn’t what you want.

Asking to meet in person is also a great way to avoid chatting with someone who might not be who they say they are. If a potential mate ducks your attempts to hang out a few times, no matter their excuses, there’s a really good chance that they’re either not trustworthy or just straight-up not real.

It is ideal to meet after about four days of chatting. As always, meet in a well-lit and public place, preferably in the daytime. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, then please, bail. They’re up to no good.

2. Give Them The Instagram Test
While Instagram is not the only social media platform that can help you figure out if someone is real, it is a really good one. After chatting for a day or so, ask the person if you can add them on Instagram. It is not as pushy or personal as asking for their Facebook, but you should be able to tell if they’re being truthful by the number of pictures they have posted, as well as the length of time between posts.

If they’ve got two pictures that were both posted between the time you asked for their Instagram username and when you added them … signs point to some foul play.

3. Be Direct And Be YOU

Trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to be direct. Sometimes, the person on the other end of the conversation has a good explanation for problematic information on their profile. If that is the case, they will happily provide an explanation.

If someone is insulted or outraged by a reasonable question, chances are that they are not trustworthy and should be removed from your list of potential dates.

Dating online can be tricky, scary, and, sometimes, dangerous. Follow these simple online dating tips to stay safe and avoid wasting your time. When in doubt, use TruthFinder to verify their information. With a few simple clicks, you can discover their real location information, contact details, first and last name, and even social media profiles.