3 Reasons to Avoid Tinder (and Similar Sites)

Companies generally hire through referrals. Why? It is difficult to get a sense of a person’s character from a resume. Online dating is no different. There’s pictures and a written profile but without a trusted friend or family member’s input on how a woman conducts herself, there’s no definitive way to know if she is someone that can be trusted, and that the facts that she presents are accurate.

Better to Date Local
Proximity is one of the greatest factors that make a relationship strong (or not). While you can designate a radius of 1, 5, or 10 miles and meet people close to you, there may not be that many active users on a site, and you may need to increase your radius to generate a large enough dating pool. Then you may need to drive over an hour to meet a prospective date. Not only does this waste time and gas but also dating someone in another town is less organic. You are unlikely to bump into each other unless you both make a concerted effort. It makes the continuation of the relationship completely contingent on the phone (text, phone calls, and Skype).

Lack of Shared Background
Except for specialty sites like Jdate, it can be difficult to meet someone with similar values and background on mainstream sites like Tinder, Match, etc. which pool from a random pool of strangers. If you are an educated professional, you may designate search criteria such as “Master’s degree only.” This is only helpful to an extent because while you may both have graduate degrees, your political, financial, and religious values may likely be very different. Attending political fundraisers or religious services may be more effective mechanisms with which to meet a mate that you can gel with.


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