3 tips for guys at BYU-I to step up Mutual game | #tinder | #pof

COVID-19 changed many things about the dating world. Since in-person interactions and activities are limited, the phrase “we met on Mutual” has become all the more common in Rexburg.

Whether you are looking at getting the app or have had it since day one, Mutual generally asks its users to present their best selves. From the ladies of BYU-Idaho, here are some tips to help polish your mutual account:

1. Pay attention to the first photo on your dating profile

Suzi Richey, a senior studying elementary education and an active user of Mutual, suggests choosing a clean, clear shot of yourself to put first. She also advises staying away from group photos.

“I’m not going to spend time guessing which one you are,” Richey said. “It is a quick swipe down when I can’t tell who you are.”

A study by Leah E. LeFebvre from the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Alabama found right swipes — which represent a positive interaction with someone’s profile — were directly correlated with subjectively good bios.

The study reviewed the online dating habits of around 177 Tinder users from 18-34 years old. The university’s analysis looked at how fast a person decided to swipe left or right based on a Tinder profile. According to the study users represented three different categories based on their swiping patterns: attraction, selective swiper and interesting.

The study notes women looking at the first photo on someone’s bio and saying, “Their face either took my breath away, or they were somewhat attractive with great things in their bio.”

The first photo someone sees on a dating app can be the equivalent of a first impression on an in-person date.

2. Create a mutual bio

Have an honest bio.

According to the same study by the University of Alabama, “Typically, women spend 8.5 min and men 7.2 min swiping during a single session.”

Many users communicated a disinterest in bios with mention of drugs or fitness, or profiles with no bio at all.

Most user bios from the study averaged 31.75 characters out of 500 characters total. Make each character count by including what makes you unique and a potential dating candidate.

3. Make your dating profile unique

Think about what separates you from other people. Chose pictures that are eye-catching and show your passions.

Shy away from selfies as much as possible and don’t use pictures with filters. In a study published by the Smithsonian, while enhanced pictures were rated as more attractive, they were also seen as less trustworthy. Pictures that are more natural in appearance help show realism, and are more likely to get swipes.

Use images of you smiling. In a study by the Swiss National Science Foundation, researchers found a direct correlation between smiling and level of considered attraction.

Participants were split into two groups. The control group was shown two faces and asked to pick what face was “happier.” The participants in the other group were shown the same faces but asked to pick which one was more attractive. Researchers found a direct correlation linking the smiling faces to the attraction.

Ellie Smith, a sophomore studying art education, suggests adding more action shots. For example, it’s good to show your passions, but instead of standing in front of a car, show a picture of you working on it.

“We are here to date you, not your car,” Smith said.

When it comes down to dating, the keyword is “fun.”

The description of the app states, “Mutual is a place where single members of the Church can make meaningful connections that lead to real dating.”

So don’t be afraid to show off the “Prince Charming” inside you. Perhaps your princess is just a swipe away.

Note: Men interviewed by Scroll did not wish to provide comments.

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