30 Cute Things to Do for Your Boyfriend *He’ll Love Them!*


Running out of ideas on how to show your love to your boyfriend? Here are some cute and totally inexpensive ways you can say “I love you.”

You love your boyfriend like no other, but lately, you’ve become so preoccupied with a lot of things that you’ve slacked off in being the sweet girlfriend you once were. You don’t have to exert too much effort or spend big bucks just to show you care. Love is in the details, remember? Love is in the little gestures we do each day.

Here are some cute things you can do for your boyfriend that he’ll surely love:

#1 Give him love coupons. Print out small cards with freebies written on them like “Free ten-minute massage,” “The remote control is mine,” or “No-chores day.”

#2 Surprise him with his favorite dish. Find out the food that he really loves and beat the best restaurant in town. Google the best recipes online, wear that apron, and start cooking like a bad-ass chef. Make sure you don’t forget the presentation. Add some champagne and good music. [Read: 25 simple ways to make your boyfriend really happy, every single day]

#3 Massage his head while you’re watching TV. This is one of those effortless gestures that says “I love you.” Simply reach out to your guy’s head or hand and massage it while you’re watching TV together. It’s so effortless and it doesn’t cost a single cent.

#4 Download his favorite shows. What shows is he into right now? Download or buy DVDs of them and put the collection in a cute box. You might also want to buy a pack of beer to complete the package.

#5 Leave Post-its everywhere. If you have to leave earlier than he does, put cute messages on Post-its and stick them to his fridge, bathroom mirror, or lamp. The important thing is that you don’t nag or make too many requests or reminders. Be sweet with your messages, and he’ll be thrilled to see them! [Read: 25 not-so-obvious things you guy loves about you]

#6 Read him a poem. It would be extra sweet if you wrote him a poem and read it to him, but if you’re not into writing, just pick a poem that you think expresses your love to him. Read it to him when you’re alone or even when you’re in public.

#7 Make a personalized holiday card. Instead of buying expensive things, go to the bookstore and buy some art supplies. Craft a lovely card and make sure you make the design and your message as personal as possible.

#8 Give him a jar full of reasons why you love him. Write all the reasons why you love your guy on small pieces of paper. Roll or fold the pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Make sure you spray it with a bit of perfume to make it extra special. [Read: 25 ways to make your guy feel appreciated and cared for]

#9 Breakfast in bed always works. Few things can make a guy smile wider than being served a delicious breakfast while still in bed.

#10 Create a video of how you met. Sure, it’s a cheesy idea, but it’s something he’ll truly appreciate. Plus, it would totally be fun to make. You can create animation using clay or sketches, or you can let your friends act it out for you.

#11 Let him hunt for his gift. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or his birthday, plan a treasure hunt for him to find his special gift. Give him clues that will lead him to his big surprise.

#12 Slip a sweet note in his book. If he’s currently reading a book, slip a note or a customized bookmark between the pages to make him smile.

#13 Hug him from behind. What’s so awesome about being hugged from the back is that it’s always a surprise. However, most guys don’t get this kind of hug. Make his heart melt every now and then by giving him surprise hugs from behind. [Read: 22 unintentional girly things you do that guys love]

#14 Call just to say you love him. If you find that you’re always calling him just to inform him where you are or to ask for favors, then surprise him by giving him a call just to say you love him. Why say it through a text when you can actually make a call? It’s a perfect way to brighten his day.

#15 Make a playlist of your favorite songs. What songs are memorable for both of you? Maybe you danced to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” so you could include this and other songs like it on your playlist.

#16 Surprise him at work with a good lunch. If your boyfriend has been working for the same company for at least a year, I’m sure he’s tired of the same cafeteria food. Show up to his office with a delicious meal, or just ask him to meet you for lunch at a restaurant and let him eat his heart out.

#17 Say “I love you” with a balloon. Print your message and his name on balloons. He’ll smile ear to ear like a five-year-old boy. [Read: How to make your boyfriend want you more than ever]

#18 Say “I love you” with a pair of sneakers. If your boyfriend is a shoe freak, then you could gift him with a pair of custom Chucks. Be as creative as you like with the artwork! You can draw stick figures of the two of you together. It will be a gift that he’ll surely show off.

#19 Say “I love you” with a mug. Print your message on a mug. What is the perfect pair for his coffee? Your love, of course.

#20 Dedicate a song for him at karaoke night. Whether you’re having karaoke with friends or it’s just the two of you, pick a song with a message you want to say to your boyfriend and dedicate it to him.

#21 Wink or blow kisses his way when you’re in the same room but with different people. When you’re at a party and you’re meters away from each other, catch his eye and give him a wink. It’s a reminder that although you’re talking to a lot of people, your eyes are still on him. [Read: 15 sweet ways to make a guy feel needed and wanted in the relationship]

#22 Ask him to dance with you without music. Dance in the living room or in the kitchen or anywhere even if there’s no music. It’s the absence of music that makes it even more romantic.

#23 Give him not one, but ten quick kisses. If you usually give him one long kiss before you go, be playful and give him ten quick kisses instead. Maybe one on each cheek, one on the nose, and seven on the lips. He’ll feel like a million bucks.

#24 Bring your pompoms to show support during his game. It could be a basketball game or a poker game. Whatever it is, it’s fun to cheer him on during games by bringing your pompoms. If you have energy, you can even make a placard. Make sure you’re not too serious, though, or else it’ll seem creepy.

#25 Let him win at a game you’re good at. If you’re good at chess, let him win once in a while. That’s true love.

#26 Make a comic strip of you and him. Don’t worry if you’re not good at drawing. The result will be even more awesome if it’s not perfect. [Read: 15 classy ways to make a guy go crazy over you]

#27 Give him a flower made of bacon. Only girls love receiving flowers, right? That is, unless the flowers are made of bacon! It will be one gift he won’t forget.

#28 Slip a letter in his luggage when he’s on a business trip. That way, he’ll feel your presence wherever he is. It will give him a warm feeling of home while he’s in an unfamiliar place.

#29 Striptease. Make it fun by wearing boas and cute outfits. You can also buy a disco light ball for just $20 or less. It will be one of the highlights of his year, for sure! [Read: Sexy striptease 101 – How to strip for your man like a pro]

#30 Tickle him when he thinks you’re mad at him. If he does something mildly offensive, pretend that you’re really hurt. When he asks for your forgiveness, tickle him until he runs out of breath. The relief that you’re not mad and the sensation from the tickles will make you two feel closer more than ever.

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You see? It doesn’t take much to make your boyfriend happy. All you have to do is put small, bite-sized loving acts into your daily routine. With these cute gestures, your boyfriend will surely feel lucky to have you!

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