30-second PSA at Matanzas gets attention and first place in statewide competition.


Abduction, sexual abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking – these were just some of the topics students in Tracey Hicks’ TV Production 4 class, would choose from for their public service announcement assignment.

“We branched off it,” Jirawadee Battenhouse said.

Jirawadee, Emily Beamer and Liam Lantz, all seniors in their fourth year of television production, took their PSA one step further, to something they knew about.

The three have been a team since they were freshmen in TV Production 1, and it shows. They are on the same wave length and finish each other’s thoughts and sentences.

“We wanted to choose something,” Liam began… “That grabs people’s attention,” Jirawadee ended.

According to the teens, date rape is not uncommon.

“People don’t think it’s a big deal that people go to a party, get intoxicated and stuff like that happens,” Liam said.

“It’s not even thought of as rape. Some people think that’s too big a word,” Jirawadee added.

“A girl goes to a party and the guys saying, ‘she came on to me,’” Emily concluded.

It was this awareness and concern that motivated the trio to start this project last year. The end result was more than an assignment, it was something for their fellow students, and it won First Place in the KinderVision Greatest Save Team PSA Program.

The team staged a loud and hectic party atmosphere with a teenage girl being led into a  bedroom. There’s music, but no dialogue. Short text lines appear at the end and, in a mere five seconds, sends the message home – “If she can’t walk; If she can’t talk; If she can’t stand; If she can’t fight back; If she can’t resist; She can’t give consent.”

They all agreed that cutting it down to 30-seconds was the hardest part of the production.

“If something is concise it will give you what you want,” Liam said.

Source: http://www.palmcoastobserver.com/photo-gallery/students-matanzas-high-school-create-powerful-message-about-date-rape


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