4 #Online Dating #Tips To Keep A #Guy #Interested

Online dating isn’t just about talking to a guy online, it’s about keeping him interested enough so that the connection will move on from the chat box to real life meeting and dating.

There’s one critical thing to keep in mind here – online dating, if not done the right way, can actually end up turning into an online relationship.

And what does that mean?

It means that, even though you may be dating, getting too comfortable with your chatting can take you to a point where you give all your life story away, much as you would discuss with a ‘real’ partner. And then, before you even know it, chances are the guy is already gone, and you don’t have a clue why.

Short is sweet
When you are dating a guy online and have never met him in the real world yet, it is best to keep your messages as short and sweet as possible. No need to get into your paragraph writing mode here. Remember, the more you divulge right now, the less interested he will get in you as time progresses and before he actually meets you. Telling him everything about yourself right away, before you even have a real relationship going, could prove fatal for any chance at a relationship.

Take the initiative sometimes
The thing about online dating is that most of us wait for the other person to message and start a conversation, when you can very well do that yourself too. Instead of sitting back and wondering when he will message, so that you can respond, you can simply send a Hi and take it slow from there. Maybe tell him you had a yucky coffee day today and ask how his cuppa was. All you need is a little something to show that you are interested.

Don’t brag
If you’ve met a lot of guys online and have always managed to get what you want, it is best to keep that information to yourself. This actually also applies for any regular relationship when you are dating, and specifically so for online dating. If you talk too much about your past conquests, chances are, he’ll think you already have too many options with you and maybe he won’t want to waste his time taking a chance.

Tell him it’s alright to call
Sometimes, a guy won’t ask you if he can call you, because he may feel it can scare you off. Once you are sure you have some sort of a rapport with him and want to actually meet him sometime in the future, tell him that he can call you. When he does, be nice, don’t act mean and pricey, and refrain from giving out too much information.

The key to keeping the guy interested in the online dating world is to share some things about yourself without giving it all up. Get talking and remember to also stay safe.