419: The Internet Romance Scam P2 Of 2

Director Barney Lankester-Owen. The number for fraud in the Nigerian penal code is 419, and one of the latest types of fraud is the Internet Romance Scam. Brenda and Caroline are two British women who were scammed by Nigerian men using fake identities on internet dating websites. First Cut is the critically acclaimed, eclectic documentary strand that showcases distinctive new films by up-and-coming directors.

23 thoughts on “419: The Internet Romance Scam P2 Of 2

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  2. kay poly

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  3. Francis Hornfeather

    Lol granny speaking to a Nigerian , not a whiteman , What a dumb old? mole hahaha.
    The voice on the phone is a BLACKFELLA !

  4. TheChinasweetbaby

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  5. Juan Martinez

    It’s not the con? artist its this grannys foult I mean if somebody ask you to send them money why would you not even know this guys. Fuck youuuuuuuu

  6. ursula njideka

    not only the white fall? to there trap including the black women in Africa and asia

  7. Allan Waye

    Lies are lies, lasting? relationships are not built upon lies

  8. Allan Waye

    It happens, but one look at that black chick on line the scam? was over …lol

  9. PONDU111

    Isvthis woman for real?? How deseperate is she? You scam me just $10 I won’t talk to you ever again, so imagine thousands. This woman is as much to blame than the? Nigerian for staying in this false relationship

  10. FatPigCypris


  11. TheWaynelds

    Actually, I just put that comment as a? joke to make fun of them. I guess the really shitty English & Grammar made it look real, ey?

  12. TheWaynelds

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  13. hotmamii76

    I feel sad and? pathetic for those dumb ass women………. (eyes rolling )

  14. reggie02062

    Its not just Nigerians anymore its american men also i was almost scammed by a man out in California he was a drug addict after? money and i actually viewed my scammer on a live cam and he definitely was a american white guy and not bad looking ..

  15. Whispering Mist

    Damn,? Caroline must’ve been desperate. I’m black and I’d never give him a cent or date him. He’s the ugliest dude I’ve seen in a while. She’ll believe anything! I think all Nigerian scammers should contact her and take her for anything she’s dumb enough to give ’em.

  16. freedfighter96

    I like you blame them,? scams can be done by any nationality.

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