419: The Nigerian Scam trailer


Director: Sorin Mihailovici movingimages.ca Every year, more than 50000 people fall victim to the Nigerian Scam. It usually starts with an e-mail about a business proposal or winning a lottery, followed by stories with tempting outcomes until the victims lifetime savings are lost. Article 419 in the Nigerian Constitution deals with this scam reported to be the third most lucrative one in the country, generating over 5 billion dollars in the last 20 years. This short drama, based on a true story, shows how the scam works.


5 thoughts on “419: The Nigerian Scam trailer

  1. Ukuleleric

    Everybody please be sensible, please be careful, please, please don’t fall for these scams. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Don’t get sucked in. There are vultures, vultures? everywhere.

  2. supermans500

    nigerians are? getting better at hacking too, better watch out.


  3. ipodtouchrocks

    i have no sympathy for people who lose money to this. You have to be pretty brain-dead to believe? anything in the scam emails.

  4. magaum1981

    Shit,,, howcome someone can belive in some bullshit story like this….. for real!! be smart people,,, no one in the world giver money to? anybody!!

  5. dumuster

    This movie touched DuMuster’s heart,? these serial scammers have gone toooo far

    DuMuster prays that this evil witchcraft is eliminated.

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