5 Mistakes People Make On Online Dating And Relationship

Perfect picture:- what some ladies are looking out for first is the perfect picture of the
person they are chatting with so also the guys. Not knowing that you can’t actually get
to know person with their external look am not saying a good dresser are bad just
wanted you to know that it a bad impression.

Too much attention on text – :at times we like people who are good with their text.
Although text message have being a good part of relationship but talking is still the
best. He might not be good in texting or fast reply but he might be better in aspects of
good conversation. Because that what bores some people out.

Impatient :- many of us are actually guilty of this maybe when the convo is not going
smoothly or things are not going according to plan we panic. Maybe that not your guy
but because of impatience you continue chatting with him ended up latter heart broken
and then start to paint online dating bad come on you brought it upon your self


Over analysis – : this is actually rapid about female folks they tend to over emphasis
things. They take issue to soon so fast. You just meeting stop thinking about the next
two months. Enjoying the moment

You want things to be magical :- this not Titanic or American love story. Things can’t
just fall into place at once. Little by little does it. Possible you might be online for
months without getting your first date or hang out it happens. Just lower your
expectations a little bit.

Rejection – : common among male folks when a lady started giving them funny
reactions they already heart broken, feelings use or rejected that because you cost it all
by your self the expectations was very high keep things low remember there are also
guys who she did not even reply their chats