5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Nowhere Close To Real Life Dating


However, there is a major flaw in the very concept of online dating and that is, it focuses wholly and solely on the attractiveness quotient of the person. The person who has good appearance is most likely to be asked out moreover it’s a trend in online dating to start a conversation with ice-breaking questions; may be about someone’s booty. This is derogatory, to say the least.
Studies show that chances of breaking up with partners whom you have met online are considerably more as compared to those whom you have met in the real world, and why not? Online world is but a virtual world where it’s very easy to pretend to be someone that you are not. Here are 5 reasons why online dating can never as good as real life dating:-

1. Missing Chemistry
Online dating can never give you that spark which you get while looking into the eyes of your crush. In real life, people subtly tell you that they are interested in you without even uttering a word; by their gestures or may be by their smiles. Online dating can never produce such magic.

2. The Best Are Already Taken
If all those people who have got a very flamboyant profile on dating apps were as good and interesting as they say, then why would have they even resorted to digital portals for dating? The very fact that person has got a profile on dating apps subtly tells you that they are not very charming.

3. The Virtual World Is Fake
Every single boy who is on Tinder has got a term #Sapiosexual added to his profile. In the online world, people know exactly how to pitch themselves so that they can be appealing to opposite sex. It’s not a great secret that what all qualities are admirable in a boy/girl. Online dating gives you ample opportunities to strike the right chord, falsely though.

4. You Will End Up With Jerks In Online Dating
There are some traits in a person that are hard to guess in the virtual world. For instance courtesy, no matter how much down to earth a person may claim himself/herself to be; you will only come to know about it when you see that person in real life. Online dating can pair you up with people (just a date though), whom you would have never ever dated in real world.

5. Zero Emotional Security
In the real world, it barely happens that you don’t have common friends with the person whom you are dating with. These common friends are often great relationship advisors and they make you more feel more comfortable. Whereas in online dating there’s no such emotional security and you can never be assured of a person’s relationship status.
We guess that we have given enough reasons as to why Online dating is dangerous.


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