5 Tips on how to #successfully #date #offline in an online world


You spend hours, if not days, scrolling through face after face. Finally you see one you like the look of and the feeling is mutual, so after a few exchanges back and forth you decide to meet. And within an instant, you know that despite the initial belief that you were a match made in heaven, you just aren’t to be. This isn’t the case for everyone, many matches online result in happy relationships, but there’s a lot to say for meeting someone in the flesh and having an instant connection! The team at My Friend Charlie, who run events for London singles, share their top tips on how to date offline in a world where swiping has taken over the dating game.

Get sociable

You can’t be shy when it comes to finding the love of your life- it’s unlikely they are going to wander up to your front door unannounced! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and embrace your singleness, this is your time to shine! Get a wingman or wingwoman who can scout out potential dates for you and introduce you to people they know.

Move on from past relationships

Allowing yourself to looking forward instead of dwelling on past relationships can be vital when it comes to moving on from an ex and getting back into the dating world. Many people find it helpful to remove their ex-bae from social media in a bid to move on and accept the past so they’re able to look to the future.

Go to singles dating events

If you’re less of a sit-down dinner kind of dater and prefer something with a bit more excitement, the team at My Friend Charlie hold regular dating events for those living in London. The idea is to get away from the excessive scrolling and swiping of online dating and allow people to meet in real life, where chemistry is most likely to happen! Instead of trawling through photos of daters, you pick the event you want to attend. Hopefully resulting in like-minded people attending the same events, allowing love to blossom!

Go to different places

Get out of your comfort zone and go to new places that are going to result in meeting new people. If you are single and continue to visit all of the same places, something needs to change. Embrace the dating scene and expand your horizons by hitting up the more niche bars and clubs that will attract a range of people.

Think about body language

Body language isn’t something you have to consider when dating online, but in real life it makes a huge difference to the progression of a date. Open body language is the key to success, avoid closed body language such as sitting with your arms folded or head down. It gives off a negative impression and might come across as though you aren’t enjoying the date or aren’t fully invested in getting to know the person you’re with. Smiling and sitting with an open posture, even if you’re nervous, will make you seem more confident.

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