5 Tips to #Show a Man You #Love Him

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – You fall in love with a man because he looks attractive, not physically, but you feel something that makes you somehow ‘click’ with him. Your relationship with this man is still only as a friend, though. However, you want to increase the status of your relationship to a higher level, but you are worried that he will feel uncomfortable and eventually avoids you.

Here are the tips for you so he will be aware of the feelings and love you provide without making him feel uncomfortable, as reported by Youqueen.

1. Listen to him every time he tells a story

Listen to him carefully and try to remember what he told. He will be very impressed when you remember what he said. Do not forget to occasionally ask to show that you really pay attention and are interested in the topic of the conversation.

2. Give him a light touch

For example, when he is sad, entertain him with words of wisdom accompanied by light touches, such as holding his hand or embracing his shoulder. Those can show your true feelings for him. He will also be able to feel more attention given by you.

3. The way you look at him

Some say the eye is the window of the heart. Through a stare shown by someone, we will be able to know the person’s heart. In this case, let him know your true feelings towards him through the eyes.

4. Be honest with him

If you miss him or cannot stop thinking about him, just let him know. No need to feel embarrassed or worry that he will hate you. No man would be angry if a woman like him, instead, he will feel flattered and it is not impossible after that he may also start thinking about you.

5. Giving him a surprise

No need to wait for a birthday or other big days to give a surprise. And there is no need to give him the expensive or luxurious goods that he wants. Just give a little surprise that can show that you care about him, for example, sending him a message just to remind him to eat, do prayer, rest, and so on.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/news/2018/08/02/240920456/5-Tips-to-Show-a-Man-You-Love-Him

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