52.376552,5.198303 Google map murder?


Was a murder really captured on google map, or was this something else? 52.376552,5.198303 (Beatrixpad ,1312 Almere, The Netherlands 39 m SE) look it up your…


25 thoughts on “52.376552,5.198303 Google map murder?

  1. robertgbellin

    Blood trail ends and looks blurred out, Photoshopped. ?

  2. Costas Efstathiou

    If you look closer you will see two people standing there! A man and a
    woman ! maybe they kill an animal!!! ?

  3. brian elliott

    guys don’t be stupid why would there ever be a murder on google maps
    wouldn’t the cops already have found my theory is the place is called
    redwood docks which means i been there before and when i get in the water
    when i get out everything on my bod is red so don’t get fooled this is not
    photo shopped this off there cholthes i can’t spell 😛 but if you get
    fooled you dumbest person on earth you can see something white that’s a dog
    but there is a guy with a white shirt do you fucking see blood on him?? no
    go get a life go to the place see for your self if you haven’t noticed
    there is a trail that’s where the guy was walking down then it stops at the
    end no dog no person died if you haven’t noticed the blood trail (aka not
    relly a blood trail) ends a the end of the dock so if you liked my
    explantion give me a dumbs if you think im correct are commit if you think
    im wrong :P?

  4. okamiYAMI24

    Despite all the information about it being a dog and all that, I have my
    doubts…Simply because of how clear the first long line is, and then for
    it all to be spread out a bit, it just seems weird. It COULD be that, or it
    could be them trying to cover it up, it could be anything. I won’t say that
    I believe it’s a murder, because who the hell knows, but hey. Anything can

  5. Kacper Lewandowski

    Google maps dont have photoshoops (i Think)?

  6. Sir Anderoo

    “This Google Maps photo set off a frenzy of speculation that a killer in
    The Netherlands had unwittingly exposed her bloody deed to the search
    engine’s ubiquitous cameras.

    But what some believed was a trail of blood and a shadowy figure standing
    over a body on a jetty has turned out to be nothing more sinister than a
    wet dog.
    A Dutch police spokeswoman confirmed that the aerial photo was snapped by
    Google on a sunny day in 2009 at Koningin Beatrixpark, a parkland
    surrounding a lake in the city of Almere, just east of Amsterdam, and shows
    absolutely nothing suspicious.
    “We have known about this picture for some time,” the spokeswoman, Leonie
    Bosselaar, told local newspaper Almere Today.
    Investigators had even tracked down and interviewed the dog owner who is
    pictured in the photo with her friend, a police officer from Almere Police
    Station told ninemsn.
    The dog owner told police she was walking in the woods when her pet golden
    retriever jumped in and out of the lake and then ran up to her on the
    jetty, shaking the water off its fur and turning the decking dark brown,
    said the officer, who did not give his name because he is unauthorised to
    speak to news media.”?

  7. MTA Evolution Roleplay

    Google has nothing to do with it, they cant re-do all the maps again, that
    map were made about 8-9 years ago and they re-do it every 10 years?

  8. Marcelia .E

    2 shadows, 2 people (2 killers? or witnesses?), 2 trails of blood or water
    – one leading from the railing and the other from the start of the
    boardwalk (or what ever it may be called – Jetty). People say that the head
    is just a tennis ball that the dog was fetching form the water. Some say
    that the ‘dog’ is a headless bloody body. The head could be the white thing
    found near the start of the jetty, a white cap/hat.?


    maybe it’s a dog, who would murder in daylight anyway?

  10. Deniz Balç?k

    It can not be a murder, becasue if you look at carefully to bridge, you can
    see another people who takes pictures smt. else normally, if there is a
    strange situation .?

  11. dannybodelluwl

    These are two men that regularly walk the DOG here and they throw him a
    ball he jumps in the water and then swims round to the edge then walks with
    his wet fur across the jetty thus making the wood wet and darker brown.
    Calm down guys! why drag a body down the jetty and make that mess? Plus if
    you look at where the grass starts from the wood there is nothing because
    water from the dog would not change or temporally darken the grass like it
    does to wood… Solved! 😉 ?

  12. Brian Yatsuko

    It could either be a suicide victim, or a murder.?

  13. Lizzet Aragami

    Aunque ya viendo por 15va. vez la imagen y todo eso… logro apreciar a un
    chico de bicicleta con un perro ._. que como dice alguien aquí cuando llega
    al muelle esta hincado con su perro, pero, se ve una tercera persona,
    aunque ya le encontré sentido a la imagen y el por que dos rastros y así,
    se necesitaba ver y entender la imagen

  14. Ethan Roberts

    It’s a giant penis that crawled from the ground and swallowed Sauraman.

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