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They say the best things in life are free. And sure, money can’t buy you true love, but it can buy you a greasy pizza in virtually every Maltese town and sometimes that’s all your heart wants. And as most things get more expensive as the years go by, there are still times when having a €2 handy can just about save your life in Malta.

1. When the hunger pangs hit after a night out. 

Remember those nights where we’d be drinking till 3am? You’re questioning why you decided to wear six-inch heels and your stomach is rumbling louder than a Maltese mass meeting.

You look in your wallet – bare – except for a shiny €2 coin, and head straight to that beautiful pastizzeria that’s calling your name. With just that single coin, you’ve got yourself five fresh pastizzi to finish the night off well. We’re so glad Malta’s most delicious snack is so cheap.

2. When you lose your tallinja card for the umpteenth time.

Picture this: you’re about to embark on a promising tinder date. You’re at the bus stop, looking fresh, but you just can’t feel your precious red bus card in any of your pockets. This means that you’re either going to miss the chance at meeting the potential love of your life or…you’ve found a €2 to save you

3. When it’s a thousand degrees outside.

Summers in Malta are pretty rough when you’re not literally submerged in the sea. So when those brutal sun rays get the best of you after like, 0.2 seconds outside, having a €2 handy can keep you hydrated with a bottle of water, Gatorade or even a cheeky ice-cream (because having to be outside in that heat deserves to be rewarded).

4. When your friend’s being annoying AF.

Ok, I’m not implying anything here… but if your friends are being irritable, having a metal coin and good aim could do you some favours…just don’t say you got the idea from me.

5.  When you need an excuse to get out of that boring class.

It’s been hours of lectures and student presentations that seem to last an eternity. You’ve already used up your one bathroom break (which you spent draining your data on). An alternate excuse is heading down to the student tuck shop, €2 in hand, for a pick-me-up health bar or juice. Your concentration levels will thank you.

6. When you’re sick of running out of data.

It’s 2020 – why settle for anything less than amazing for your data plan? With just that €2 coin, you can say goodbye to ever having to run out of data in Malta again.

Djuno is here to make sure that you can keep up with TikTok trends, Netflix-n-chills, livestreams, instant messaging and whatever you get up to on the internet.

This is because with Djuno, €2 will snag you endless data all day until midnight!

Just €2!

It’s a first for the local market, and it basically means you’ll never be low on data ever again!

Plus, seeing as commitment is like, SO, last century, you’ll be happy to know that you can change your mind at any point because it’s a pay-by-month plan. All you have to do to subscribe is;  get to a Melita shop with your ID card (to show you’re under 29) and voilà ! It’s that simple.

And if that isn’t enough, with Djuno you also get 100 minutes and 100 SMS included and Endless WiFi in thousands & thousands of WiFi hotspots across the country. 

With Djuno you’ll never run out of internet coverage ever again, especially when you remember that Melita has over 75,000 hotspots around Malta and Gozo free of charge for its users.

So, if you’re thinking of what to spend the last €2 of your stipend on, I suggest getting on that Djuno plan. It’ll also get you a limited edition branded cotton bag,  a phone charger or a much-needed mask. Awesome!

So if you’re under 29 and looking to never run out of data again, sign up to Djuno right now.

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