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Sarah gave off the appearance of poise and elegance, and her strong aura was felt despite the interview being held online via Zoom. As someone who speaks so eloquently and is incredibly successful in Malaysia – Sarah owns a successful Life Coaching and Spiritual business, Sarah May Low Tarot Academy. Sarah coaches her clients on business and relationship matters. She is friendly and warm and made me feel comfortable talking to her. Sarah may only be in her 30s, but she is wise beyond her years. In her doctoral research, Sarah wants to find the reason “What makes relationships last,” and hence, she’s collaborated with us to prepare this guide on how men and women can find happily ever after through the apps.

1.         Safety first

Scammers and sexual predators are abound – both men and women are at risk. Always meet at a public space and never reveal where you live. Never go to a stranger’s house or allow a person to be alone with you in your home until the person has gained your trust. Also, sexual health-wise, do not have sex on the first date, especially unprotected sex, and put yourself at risk of AIDS, STDs, and unplanned pregnancy.

2.         Make a list of all the things you’re looking for in a relationship

Sarah recommends this to all her clients. She says, “Life is like a GPS; you need to set your location so that you know where you’re heading to or else you’ll just be going around and around in circles.” Writing a relationship “list” will help you know what you need versus what you want. For example, you may wish to have a good-looking partner, but really, good looks are just a bonus. What you truly need is loyalty, honesty, a good wife or husband material and would make a good mother or father to your children.

3.         Make sure your life goals and core values are clear upfront

Do you want children? Migration, finances, debts, sexual health issues, past traumas, or childhood issues – all these are serious matters and are even deal-breakers or red flags for many. These matters require upfront disclosure; otherwise, it would be deception and stringing a person along.

4.         Do not over-text; save the interesting conversation points for real-life dates.

Many people are not serious, many are texting you out of boredom, or they want attention. Actions will always speak louder than words. A person who wants to make things work with you will get to know you in person like a mature adult instead of texting like a teenager.

5. Take a break, do not jump into relationships when you need healing

It is bad karma to waste people’s time, and it is not fair when you project your unhappiness onto another partner. Sometimes what you need is to be alone and self-reflect instead of using relationships as a temporary escape. Nobody can fix you except yourself.

6. Talk to your friends about all your dating app highs and lows

Many people may want to keep their dating life private, but it is therapeutic to speak to someone about your hurdles and obstacles when it comes to dating. Also, you will never know what tips you can gain from friends. However, use your common sense and filter if the advice you are getting is good advice or ridiculous advice.

How to reach her

Her studio office is located in Puchong Jaya, Selangor State, in Malaysia. International clients can visit her websites:

For Astrology and Tarot Reading bookings: https://sarahmaylow.com/services/

To enrol for her Diploma in Tarot Divination course: https://sarahmaylowuniversity.thinkific.com

They can also follow her through Facebook and Instagram: @sarahmaylow

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