6 types of girls you meet on Tinder in India

Without a doubt, Tinder has to be the most popular dating app in India. Even women who were extremely skeptical about online dating an year ago are now on-board. Whether it is mere curiosity or genuine hope that they might meet someone interesting, more and more women are slowly signing up for online dating. These are the dating apps used by Indians.
We recently did a post on the 8 types of guys you meet on Tinder, so I decided to check out the other side of the app just to see what kind of women are using Tinder. These are the types of women I had the chance to talk to on the dating app
1. The raging bisexual
I was initially quite surprised to how openly these women mentioned in their bios that they’re bisexual and only looking for women for ‘some fun’. These women are usually quite attractive, smart and fun to talk to and if you’re not homophobic, you might actually find a new friend. However, don’t get too attached or live in hopes of a serious relationship because you might just end up disappointed if you do.
2. The hot girl who rarely replies
It’s not rare to come across profiles of extremely hot girls on Tinder who usually haven’t even bothered to fill out their bios. If she has, there might be a 50% chance that she’s a ‘Daddy’s girl’ and she unabashedly shows off her lavish lifestyle through her Instagram profile. The chances of her actually replying to your messages are rare, if ever.
3. The fake profile
Some Indian women don’t seem to get the whole point of Tinder and instead choose to put up pictures of Deepika Padukone or some other famous Bollywood actor or model. It’s obvious that profile is fake and every once in a while, you will also come across women who haven’t uploaded even a single picture! These are the 12 things people need to stop doing on dating apps.
4. The girl who only wants to have a threesome
Her bio will mention that she’s a bisexual and looking for someone ‘open-minded’ and if you do make the mistake to swipe right, one of her first questions will be if you’re open to having a threesome with her loser boyfriend.
5. The ‘No hook-ups’ girl
She mentions in capitals how she isn’t looking for hook-ups and only wants to make friends. While I believe her, this claim is met with eye rolls by most guys because of Tinder’s reputation as an app where you use mainly to find people to have sex with. However, she sticks to her guns and is usually very hesitant to reveal any personal details about herself. She’s mainly using the app because her friends pushed her to give it a try. Watch Mumbai’s reaction to Tinder.
6. The ‘fun loving’ girl
This kind of women are quite straight-forward and extremely sure about what they’re looking for on the app, which is just a fling or two. Chances are high that she might be recovering from a recent break-up. Did you know, a study has found that finding sexual partners on dating apps can increase your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD)?

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