7 #Things You #Should Never #Post on Your #Online Dating #Profile

The problem with dating apps (OK, besides the occasional creepy weirdo) is that it’s tough to describe the fun, gorgeous, amazing you in only a few sentences. It may seem daunting, but it’s doable. Here, seven things to leave out of your online dating profile.

1. A fake age, height, weight, etc. So you just turned 40, but you feel much younger. What’s the harm in shaving off a few years and saying you’re 38? But if you deceive your date from the start, you’re throwing an honest, open relationship completely out the window. Plus, you wouldn’t like being lied to, would you?

2. How many children (or animals) you want. Getting a bit ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? See how dates 1 through 600 go, and then you can mention it. Side note: Don’t use the term “fur babies.” Just don’t.

3. A rant about why you hate dating apps. Sorta like biting the hand that feeds you, yeah? Unless you’re giving the new app Haters a whirl, any negativity should be completely nixed from your profile.

4. Your home address, full name or place of work. Your information is being read by strangers. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t put it on a billboard, don’t put it on your profile.

5. Only selfies. You’re either a narcissist or you don’t have any friends to take your picture. Either way, it’s not a good look.

6. Only emojis to describe yourself. Are you a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan or do you just really love spicy foods? Don’t leave it up to interpretation, people.

7. That cropped pic of you and your ex. Time to move on, lady. (Plus, it’s super awkward when your ex stumbles on your profile. Which he will. Trust us.)