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Looking for effective Tinder photography tips? Or maybe you want to create a catchy personal page on Tinder to leave your admirers in awe?

If you use Tinder actively but don’t have enough matches or you just think of embarking on the path of online dating, this article will come in handy. I’ve prepared 7 Tinder photo tips for guys to make your page stand out from the crowd.

1. Always Show Your Face

While hand-over-face pictures and those enhanced with filters look rather artistic, Tinder users just want to see your face. Take a headshot or waist-up photo to showcase your facial features.

If you want to add a special touch to your picture, make your face clearly defined against a blurred background.

In case you are a beginner tinder user, (https://www.visme.co/templates/infographics/demographics-of-tinder-users-pie-chart-1425280788/) you can use these portrait photography tips (https://fixthephoto.com/portrait-photography-tips.html) from professional photographers to infuse your pictures with interesting details.

Enhance your image by cropping or adding filters with photo editing apps such as VSCO, TouchRetouch, Prisma Photo Editor, Snapsee, Facetune, and Visage.

2. Choose Right Lighting

Regardless of how advanced your camera is, you can hardly take a stunning picture in poor light conditions. Unnatural light sources and artificial shadows will make your photo dim and unflattering. The flash on your camera will produce a burst of light and harsh shadows, so it is better not to use it at all.

If you are going to take photos outdoors, choose the right time. If you take photos in the bright sun, you’ll probably squint and your pictures will have strong shadows and harsh lighting. It is recommended to take portraits outdoors in cloudy weather or during the Golden Hour (the first hour after dawn and the last hour of light before dusk).

For indoor photoshoots, it is advisable to use at least three light sources. General lighting may include centrally placed ceiling or pendant lights, specific lighting may be located on the table and ambient lighting may include decorative lights or candles. To increase natural light in the room, keep your windows clean.

Pick the most appropriate shade for your light units. White shades transmit more light but can create cool tones, while the colored shades collect the light, making it look creamy and warm, depending on the hue you opt for.

You can choose the following lights to complement your photography setup: Qiaya Selfie Light Ring, Neewer 250W 5600K Photo Studio Strobe Flash Light, and Viltrox L116T RA.

3. Take Pictures in Appropriate Location

Some of the most essential Tinder photo tips are related to choosing the right location. Rather than sitting in an empty room, you can take a picture in a beautiful location to tell your special story. The way you showcase your personality in the pictures will make the first impression on your potential admirers.

If you do sports in all your photos, ladies may think that you are a professional sportsman. In case the majority of the pictures in your account are photos of parties, they can assume you are a party animal.

Take photos in different locations. You can capture interesting moments while walking in the park, climbing a mountain, playing basketball on the beach, during your trips, etc. There is no need to specifically visit a certain location just to take a photo. You just need to upload at least 2-3 photos to show that you aren’t a mystical recluse.

4. Show Sincere Emotions

Don’t hide your personality behind the mask of a confident macho. Unless you are a professional actor, all your attempts to pretend to be a different person will fail. Ladies from Tinder want their potential partners to express their emotions because this is the only way to understand their inner world. Confidence, laughter, and coolness are believed to be the most attractive and sexy qualities.

Color makes a huge impact on the overall atmosphere in the picture. Typically, vibrant colors convey a happy and cheerful mood. You can add a joyful touch to your picture by incorporating bright lights or expansive blue sky in the frame.

Ladies will likely match guys, who aren’t posing all the time. Rather than being serious in all your pictures, upload shots where you are laughing or smiling. You can also experiment with male poses (https://fixthephoto.com/male-poses.html). Try a classical pose or feel like a model posing for the magazine cover.

5. Dress to Impress

Women make snap judgments about men by the clothes they wear. If you are wearing a dirty, torn T-shirt or old clothing which makes you look untidy, unemployed, or homeless, you will hardly get matches. Being well-groomed in the photos and dressing neatly will help you impress your potential partners.

This apparel will look awesome on any guy:

  • Long sleeve tops
  • Perfect fitting jeans and pants
  • Dockers or Converse line of shoes of navy blue color


Get inspired by the looks in the best men’s online clothing stores like J.Crew, 24S, Luisaviaroma, MR Porter, Everlane, MatchesFashion.

6. Take Photos with a Pet

Taking a photo with a pet is one of the cutest things you can do. Thus, you can transform your profile from a sleazy to an attention-grabbing one. Affectionate and cuddly pets will definitely make your profile shine in a new way.

If the only pet that lives with you is something like a tarantula or lizard, then it is better to ask your friend to take a photo with his/her fluffy. Incorporating dogs or cats into a photoshoot requires patience.

Animals may be rather excitable, but if you show enough patience, your furry friend will eventually relax. Some treats and favorite toys will help you keep your pet in place or make look in a certain direction.

7. Be Careful with Showing Your Friends

Photos with friends identify you as an approachable and pleasant person. However, the last thing you want is to make your potential match guess which person in the photo you are.

If you want to upload a group picture, make sure it depicts no more than four or five people. It will be rather challenging for a lady to scan ten different faces to understand who is who. Avoid uploading more than one picture since it may seem too overwhelming.

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