7 tips to help you fall back in #love with #working #out

So, you’ve just got back from a holiday where eating and drinking had no limits, or somewhere along the line you’ve got lost in work and a hectic lifestyle. Or, maybe you’ve lost the charger to your Fitbit so sacked off the early morning run. Whatever your excuse is, if you’re struggling to get motivated, here are some tips to get back into a regular fitness routine.

7. Make a new playlist

Take some time to put together a new playlist to motivate yourself. Having a fresh set of feel-good tunes will help you get pumped for a heavy workout. Handpick your favourite trance anthems to get energised for cardio and have a scroll for some soul to warm up and cool down with.

6. Follow some fitspo Instagrammers

Female personal trainers are taking over the ‘gram, so take advantage. There are loads of qualified personal trainers who post advice and tips for workouts, diet and lifestyle. Anna Victoria has 1.3 million followers and it’s clear to see why she is so popular. She does Q&As on her Facebook and Instagram Lives, videos of at-home workouts and Instagram vs. real life pics to bring it all back down to earth. And if that’s not already enough, she does giveaways and vlogs on her YouTube channel, and posts regular pics of her golden retriever, Rigatoni.

5. Try something new

Doing the same exercises is boring and after a while will have little to no effect. Fed up of the treadmill? Have a spin on the bike. Sit ups and crunches your typical ab workout? Try some new exercises, like leg raises, Russian twists or bicycle crunches. Adding some equipment to a workout makes it a bit more fun and interesting, and gives you something to build on. And if you’re not that confident trying something new on your own, then…

4. Take a friend

Having a gym buddy means you can’t cancel last minute, as you would have been able to do if you were going on your own. If you’re just starting out it can be a confidence booster to have your pal with you. You can try out partner exercises like Russian twist passes or partner press and rows. Following someone like Anna Victoria will give you loads of ideas for these types of fun workouts. Plus, if you drop a kettlebell on your foot you can laugh it off (it will still hurt though).

3. Get outdoors

Don’t just limit your cardio to running on the treadmill. Fresh air and scenery is a great motivator to get running. Whether you live in the countryside and have miles of landscape to go at, on the coast with beaches and a sea-view, or you’re in a busy town or city with parks and roads, explore it while you’re running. You can get so distracted by everything that’s going on you actually forget you’re working out!

2. Use an app

There are so many fitness apps out there now it can be hard to decide which is best for you. Taking some time to read some reviews and have a scroll on your App Store will give you a bit of motivation to use one and set yourself some new PBs. Runkeeper is great for all levels of runners, and a perfect way to get going for newbies. It tracks your runs and reviews your distance, burn and pace so you can work to meet your goals and beat your best.

1. Get some new gear

If that all still isn’t enough, what can be more motivating than buying yourself some fresh kicks or funky new yoga pants to rock the gym in? Whatever your budget, you can get your hands on some new gym gear to make you want to sweat. Get a sweaty selfie in your lycra and feel amazing!

Source: https://www.femalefirst.co.uk/health/tips-fall-back-love-working-out-1155878.html