8 Types of Nipples: You Definitely Haven’t Seen Them All!

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to nipple sizes, shapes, colors, and textures? Think again! We’re looking at eight different types of nipples.

Were you under the impression you were the master of sexual fun facts? I sure was. It wasn’t until my man and I started talking nips that my mind was opened. “I’m not a fan of small nipples,” he said casually. “My ex-girlfriend had really small nipples. It’s not fun.” I frowned. “Like, the areola?” I asked. “No, it was the actual nipple that didn’t really get hard. It was just flat on her areola. Like not even a centimeter off her chest.”

Call it naive, but I was flabbergasted by my man’s statement. I knew the same pair of breasts were often dissimilar in size, I knew penises and vajay’s came in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but I’d never really thought about nipples having much variation to them. Turns out, I was wrong!

To be clear for breast novices out there, the nipple consists of two familiar parts.

#1 The areola. This is the pigmented shape surrounding the nipple itself. The areola is darker in color than the rest of the skin and takes on a circular shape. These can be extremely large, medium, or small in size.

#2 The nipple. The nipple is the raised bit within the areola. This is where the breast releases milk post-pregnancy. Nipples often get hard in the cold or during arousal and can have some tantalizing effects when played with in the bedroom. *Or in many cases—feel like nothing at all. But hey, the men sure love ‘em!* [Read: 11 sexiest hot spots to kiss a woman and arouse her]

Perhaps you were like me; believing a medium areola and medium protruding nip was the standard of breasts everywhere! Well, I’ve come to shatter the mystery. Without further ado, we’re looking at eight different types of nipples—you definitely haven’t seen them all!

Different types of nipples

So you think you’ve seen it all? We think not. We’re looking at eight perfectly normal, but definitely different types of nipples available for the world to experience!

#1 Hairy nipples. Just as some men can grow hair around their areola, so too can women! Nipple hairs are common in females. That’s right, women can have pubic-like hairs growing around the outside of their nipples. While in some cases this may be due to more serious issues such as polycystic ovary syndrome or Cushing syndrome, in most cases it is just one of those completely normal *but never talked about* things that happen to regular ole boobs!

And for those frowning down upon those with female nipple hairs, we say this: All it takes is a couple of tweezer plucks for her to look good as new. Who knows, your gal may be sporting hidden hairy nips and you may be none the wiser! [Read: 11 fun and fascinating facts about boobs]

#2 The THIRD nipple. That’s right—they do exist! A third nipple, or more professionally referred to as a supernumerary nipple, is a tiny, well, nipple that appears on the body. While these nips can grow anywhere, including the face, they are more commonly referred to as third nipples when they appear on the chest. While science can’t seem to narrow down exactly why people are born with this phenomenon, rest assured—it’s rare, but it happens!

#3 Bumpy nipples. Have you ever noticed tiny bumps around your nipples? These may look similar to pimples but never grow a “head” on them. While you may be feeling like your breasts are outside of the box, they are actually completely normal!

These bumps are called Montgomery Glands, and all women have them! These glands secrete oil and help keep your nipples lubricated and supple. Much like the rest of your body parts, these bumps vary from person to person. Some may be more or less noticeable and may differ in color or size, but all are totally healthy and normal.

#4 Inverted nipples. You know how belly-buttons can either be considered an “innie” or an “outie”? Well, the same can be said for nipples. Inverted nipples are breasts where the nipples point inward instead of out. Some doctors suggest massaging the nipples to encourage them to come out, while others have their mates suck on them to draw them into the foreground *and hey, just for fun!* A small number of women may have difficulty breastfeeding with their innie’; however, breastfeeding is definitely not impossible.

#5 Long nipples. When someone says a nipple is long, they are likely referring to the protrusion itself. Some girls have very long nipples, making sucking and teasing an absolute breeze. This normal nipple type even has its own porn fetish! [Read: 11 most common sexual fetishes + 5 super weird ones!]

#6 Huge nipples. This loose term often refers to a larger than average areola, as opposed to the nipple itself. The female areolae grows larger as she goes through puberty. While most areolae grow in proportion to the female’s breast size, some can get massively huge–even on smaller breasts! These large pigmented areas are totally normal and definitely kinked after. *Then again, what isn’t these days?*

#7 Teensy tiny nipples. Small nipples *consisting of the nipple itself, or the areola* are another brand of nipple that has to do with genetics. While most nipples expand in size during puberty, this isn’t always the case. But hey, small nipples are sexy, too!

#8 Flat/puffy nipples. As the name suggests, these nipples often take on a bloated, puffy look, or may lay entirely flat *as my man suggested his ex’s were* to the breast. These are more common during teenage years; nevertheless, all nips are different and you may carry on as flat or puffy or straight into your adult years!

Were you traumatized thinking your nip wasn’t the norm? Don’t sweat it. Now you know there is a rainbow’s variety of nipples on the market, each more fabulous than the last.

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Did we leave a nipple type off the list? What’s your favorite kind of nipple to encounter? Share your answer in the comments below and let the nipple knowledge continue!

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