Mental illness and flake.

Says one thing, then contradicts herself.

Avoid  it.

8182218244: Im kicking my friends out back to the oc tht were here im sorry. They left.. Im literally jumpin in the shower RT NOW! Well, what im seeking i dunno it exists really but i want to be the best for the best.. To me.. Im alwAYS on my own and single and taking care of myself somehow and love to help my friends etc. even when i can barely help myself. Lately, things have been

+18182218244: Can i tell u an amount i need???? LOLOL. NOT if u want me to be honest.. But im so … stubbornly independent that when shit is hard and I feel like I have NOBODY but myself to rely on.. Well. Lets just say.. i am SOOO TOO GOOD and smart and solid and sexy and good hearted (ok ok and im one badass bitch it is known) haha. Im an Aries to the T . I HATE liars anD phonies and will die and always stand for what i believe. Im actually very hard to get btw.. Even my interest. There. Hiii babe ? haha

8182218244: They went back to OC. IM AT MY PAD alone in the vaLLEY. oookkk.. Shows how much ur paying attention 2:54 PM

+18182218244: Busy? Yes. Typing to you…. sorry about that.. Have a great nite! ? 2:55 PM

Me: I already told you to come here, you ignore it, also ignored by calls so ya whatever 2:57 PM

Me: you say busy taking friends back to oc, then contradict yourself 2:57 PM

Me: not busy but can’t answer calls or communicate effectively 2:58 PM

+18182218244: Actually, if you read again you would see.. What an ass u sound like.. Because.. You are wrong. And whatta loss. Sorry to have bofherrd 3:00 PM


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