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Brain Supplement Facts, a website that offers unbiased and in-depth information and reviews about many of the brain supplement products that are currently on the market, has just released some news about a product called Prevagen.

Quincy Bioscience, the company that produces Prevagen, recently received a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In an effort to provide its readers with the most up-to-date information about natural brain supplement products, Brain Supplement Facts has posted an article that explains why the company that manufactures Prevagen received the warning letter.

As the article on Brain Supplement Facts reported, a protein called Apoaequorin is the main ingredient in Prevagen. Because this protein is typically obtained from jellyfish, Prevagen was considered to be a natural product. However, since Quincy Bioscience is now using a synthetic form of Apoaequorin, it technically no longer contains a dietary ingredient as defined under federal law.

According to information on the Brain Supplement Facts website, Prevagen is a brain supplement formulated to help improve age related memory loss. Because Apoaequorin works as a calcium-binding protein to supplement the diminished supply of calcium binding proteins as people get older, the supplement is meant to prevent calcium overload vulnerability in cells.

In addition, although some brain supplement reviews have reported that Prevagen has undergone independent testing and was found to be non-toxic and well-tolerated, a percentage of people who have used the popular product have experienced adverse side effects including chest pain, fainting and tremors, says the FDA. According to the FDA, more than a thousand incidents and product complaints were reported to Quincy Bioscience between May, 2008 and December 1, 2011. Although the company did not initially report these incidents, after FDA regulators inspected the production facilities at the end of last year, it did go ahead and release several reports that detailed these negative side effects.

Early this year in a response to FDA, Quincy Bioscience released reports on adverse events that it determined to be serious as well as a revised procedure for documenting and judging the severity of the incidents plus paperwork in connection with employee retraining, the Brain Supplement Facts article noted, quoting an FDA official in Minneapolis.

About Brain Supplement Facts:

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