A Con Woman Steals Hearts – And $300,000. Here’s How It Happened.

Romance scammer, Yeva Sarkisyan–Nunn, better known as Eve Sarkisyan and Eve Nunn, creates fake profiles on dating sites and popular social media apps and contacts targets through her public relations business, Y.E.S. Public Relations. Eve strikes up relationships with her targets to build their trust by disclosing her success stories from previous clients such as Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian.  The romance scammer asks her targets to pay by wiring money, reload cards or gift cards because she’s able to get the cash quickly and remain anonymous. Eve also knows that by retrieving the funds this way, transactions are almost impossible to reverse.

Eve Sarkisyan-Nunn has been listed in two of the most notorious reports done by Baker Smith on romance scamming and how she unwittingly used her targets and clients as money mules to fund her fraudulent tactics by using the proceeds from her victims to skyrocket her criminal enterprise.

Some of Eve’s victims have filed lawsuits and won against Y.E.S Public Relations, claiming the romance scammer used her business to collect their money and didn’t deliver the services they were promised. What they- and many others- have in common is that they all say they were scammed, according to complaints to the state attorney generals’ office, consumer agencies and Better Business Bureau. A sampling of those complaints found that a small group of Eve’s victims were highly pressured by the romance scammer by preying on their loneliness and vulnerability. All victims of Eve’s criminal enterprise demanded their money back, alleging misrepresentation, misleading business practices and exhausting of all funds.

The Lies Even told clients and targets…

She often stated in order for her to be as diligent as possible throughout the process she needed extra funds to conduct extra research on potential mates and asked for travel reimbursement. However according to multiple victim’s lawsuits, Eve used their funds to do the following: pay for vacations and travel expenses, pay for her “mommy makeover” surgery in Miami, Florida, pay off gambling debts and fund her lifestyle.

If you or someone you know has been affected by Eve personally or through her public relations company, Y.E.S. Public Relations, please contact your local authorities immediately.