‘A Facetime date with me will be like Skyping your Gran’ – how we are looking for lockdown love online | #tinder | #pof


By Aisha Awan
June 16 2020, 10.25

Lockdown loneliness has lead users of dating apps to experience the virtual first date because of the social distancing measures still in place.

In recent years dating apps like Bumble, Tinder and Zoosk have gained popularity in Britain with around one in three relationships starting online.

Social distancing has led to the introduction of dating app matches forming meaningful connections that involve deeper conversations.

A significant surge in quarantine app usage according to Statistica.com in the period of May 2020 has played a part in the way we entertain ourselves indoors with approximately 5% increase in new users on Tinder and Match.com in the UK alone.

Exciting first date options include interactive virtual quiz nights, house party discos and ordering Deliveroo meals for one another.

Because of quarantine the way we now socialize and interact has undoubtedly changed the process of getting to know someone.

FEELING ‘APPY: First dates options online are varied. Photo credit: Unsplash

Bilal Hash, 32, a pharmacy student at Norwich University, said: “Coronavirus lockdown measures mean I now want to have real conversations with one person rather than a number of random strangers.

“I am stuck in London and downloaded the app a year ago without really paying much interest to the people I did match with.”

Mr Hash added: “I put more thought into my profile bio, it is definitely  not just about that topless picture in the sun.

“I wanted to show a more spiritual side and wrote more about what I want to do in the future if I was to find someone compatible.”

With social distancing measures now in place the dating game is being reinvented with millennials quick to adjust.

Bumble , Tinder , Zoosk app icons for online dating mobile screen
MANY OPTIONS: The most popular apps on the market include Bumble , Tinder and Hinge

Nina Swatez tweeted her experience of a Deliveroo date, a pioneer of the self-distancing dating game.

But for some users there is safety in time spent getting to know someone without the pressure of a one-night stand.

While reports show apps are working for some there are still plenty of people who find isolation dating behaviour negative.

Ryan, 24, student from Warwickshire said: “I use hinge, Bumble, Tinder maybe half an hour per day on each some days and 45 mins a day on others.

“I think most people are pretty awkward on FaceTime, it’s not a good way to meet people.

“I am too old to feel totally natural on FaceTime, a date with me will be like Skyping your Gran, which is not sexy.”

A recent twitter survey showed 53.8% of users would opt for a Deliveroo facetime date with 38.5% happy to play a virtual quiz and 7.7% said a disco party would be their ideal first online date.

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