A (Love U) Christmas success story


Last year, at this time, I offered an $18,000 Love U VIP Masters Coaching Scholarship to one woman from my mailing list. 200 women applied in less than a week.

After agonizing over the applications and doing a number of phone interviews, I chose a 41-year-old woman named Rania.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Rania was a dream client. She went through her Love U videos, week after week. She came prepared to each coaching call with questions. She put the lessons into practice. And, after a few dalliances with the wrong men during our first three months, Rania met John.

Here’s what she wrote about the beginning of their relationship this spring:

I’m moving along with Love U! So much value Evan… He’s still calling, making advance plans! He’s told his mom about me. I met his BFF (they have been friends since high school). Yesterday he told his BFF that we are exclusive…

Prob meeting his Mom & granny on Mothers day and we are going to Solvang next week for an overnight trip with another couple, the first trip.

I’m working big time on my communication and in teaching John how to please me. I know without a shadow of doubt I would not be in a happy, healthy and balanced relationship right now had it not been for getting the scholarship.

Evan, you already have changed my life. I will never again allow the bullshit I used to tolerate.

Writing this is almost making me cry, Evan. It’s no magic fix or wave of the wand. Your helping me to evolve in a powerful way. I’ll never be the same again (in the best possible way). You helped me to find my voice. You helped me address my own old baggage and programming that was outdated. I have another voice I hear now all the time and it’s yours! 

I’m not afraid to talk about anything and everything with John. I know where he stands. I know how he feels about me. I’m important, valued, appreciated. I’m finally experiencing actual reciprocality with a man, with a boyfriend…. 

I’m leaning in as you told me too. And, sure enough each way John is stepping up. If something upsets me I bring it up and we address it… 

I burned down the house of false beliefs that had me programmed and conditioned to believe that I had to work hard for love… that I have to jump hoops to prove myself, that it takes years to “earn” the love with a hefty portion of Stepford wife. Fuck that old paradigm!!!!

I’m on the path and giving myself permission to enjoy and embrace the journey. This giver finally met a giver and even more than that… this path is entirely different cause I’m on it with you as my coach and you believing in me.

Thank you Evan ?.

That was in May. 

When Rania graduated Love U in July, she was still dating John and wrote:

There is lifetime value in your content, I love that I can go back and rewatch when I need a refresher.  Thank you so much, Evan. You have become part of my life and one of the highlights of 2019… There is now only before Evan, during Evan, and soon after Evan. 

You really provide so much value through your course. So our private coaching calls may be wrapping up but I know that I have that wealth of information available to me. 

There is not a day that goes by (sometimes multiple times a day) where I am reminding myself of your advice, teachings, and outlook. You ROCK! 



As you well know, just because a relationship is strong for three months doesn’t mean it’s going to continue to thrive. Which is why I circled back to Rania for a year-end check-in.

Here’s what she had to say.

Turns out that Rania just broke up with her boyfriend. But, like a true Love U graduate, she did it on her terms when she realized that John was not husband material. 

Considering her previous relationship lasted for over 3 years without a ring, having the courage to let him go quickly is a testament to Rania’s confidence and healthier boundaries.

In other words, Rania is a Love U success story because she was able to create a love life from scratch, meet a good guy, experience a new kind of relationship that was superior to her old ones, and know when it was time to move on. 

If you’d like the ability to meet good men, set healthy boundaries and operate from a place of confidence and abundance, I want to offer you a very special invitation.

A full scholarship to get six months of Love U VIP Masters Coaching with me. 

When our work is complete, you are going to feel confident, optimistic, and able to attract and connect with men effortlessly, wherever you go. 

When our work is complete, you are going to feel confident, optimistic, and able to attract and connect with men effortlessly, wherever you go. 

Here’s what you will receive for free when you win my scholarship: 

  • Online dating profile written by me 
  • Professional online dating photos 
  • Why He Disappeared 
  • Finding the One Online 
  • Believe in Love 
  • 18 bonus FOCUS Coaching Calls 
  • Lifetime access to my signature program, Love U 
  • 6 months of biweekly private coaching via live video 
  • 6 months of unlimited email access. 

This Love U VIP Masters Coaching package is worth $18,000.00. 

Your price will be: $0.00 

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some price to pay: your EFFORT. 

  1. You’re going to have to take this extremely seriously. Working with me is not for the overly sensitive. I’m your personal trainer; it’s your job to follow directions and trust that I’m in your corner. 
  2. You’re going to have to be willing to give at least a half-hour a day to online dating and be willing to go on one or two dates per week. If you can’t do this, that’ s all right; it just means this isn’t the right opportunity for you. 
  3. You’re going to have one hour available for private coaching every other week for six months between the hours of 2-5pm PST. No exceptions. If you can’t meet during that time, I’m sincerely sorry, but those are my only coaching hours. 
  4. You’re going to have to make a video testimonial when you’re done. Nothing false or coerced: I just want you to tell the world what it was like to work with me, what you learned, and how that made you feel, in your own words. 

If you look back at these four things and you don’t think you can do them, that’s okay. I only want to work with women who are 100% committed to this process. 

To win this $18,000 scholarship and start coaching in January, just fill out this short application at length, telling me about yourself, what’s kept you from love, and why you’re ready for love in 2020. 

I will evaluate all of the applications personally and announce the winner on this mailing list early next year. 

I sincerely hope this gives you the opportunity to prioritize love, get a ton of personal coaching, and catapult your relationships to new heights. 

Warmest wishes and much love, 

Your friend,



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