A Sad New Years Story with a Big Twist Ending

I have been sending newsletters on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for 10 years.

You have not received one from me since December 31st.

That wasn’t me, taking a little holiday break.

That was me, getting sick on Christmas Eve, coughing my way through my wife’s latest 50th birthday party, laying lifeless on the couch for 7 hours on December 27th, going to urgent care that night, discovering I have Influenza A, passing it to my wife, taking the kids to the pediatrician to protect them, learning that I have an ear infection, dealing with the fact that I have intense tinnitus and have lost 50% of my hearing in my right ear, and staying at home 24/7 for the past 10 days.

Right before Christmas, I sent out a couple of emails to let you know about my $18,000 Love U Masters Scholarship. Nearly 200 applicants poured in. Yet, because of my health, I couldn’t get out of bed to read any of them until January 3rd.

When I finally did, I was touched in a unique way, that was perhaps intensified by the fact that I was feeling so poorly myself. I literally wanted to help EVERYONE.

Suddenly, I wasn’t sure what the scholarship criteria was. The woman with the saddest story? The woman with the least money? The woman who would be hardest to help? The woman who wrote the most? The woman who was the most coachable and self-aware?

After talking with 7 women in the past two days, I realized that whatever I did would almost seem arbitrary. Just like there is no one “best actress” for the Golden Globes, there is no one woman who is most worthy of a Love U Masters Scholarship.

In fact, everyone I connected with would be perfectly lovely candidates – motivated, appreciative, enthusiastic, ready for love.

But since it’s impossible to schedule 200 hours of private coaching clients a week, here’s what I’ve decided to do.

  1. I’ve announced a winner privately. She will remain anonymous for now and I will let her tell her own story when she’s completed her private coaching journey in June.
  2. Instead of wishing the other six candidates the best and encouraging them to stay positive in 2020, I’ve decided to enroll ALL of them into Love U group coachingThat’s $30,000 worth of scholarships that I wasn’t planning on giving – but was simply overcome with appreciation at a very emotional time.
  3. I’m rewarding the 200 women who applied for the scholarship with a free Q&A to answer your most pressing dating and relationship questions.

Yes, it’s a lot of work to create something just for 200 people on a mailing list of 50,000.

But I simply can’t explain how deeply these applications affected me.

It’s important to me to reward any brave woman who took the time to share her story and ask for guidance.

I am here for you and will do everything in my power to make sure you persevere and get the love you deserve.

I’m not going to give you a speech about New Year Resolutions; I’m only going to remind you that happy relationships – like the ones me, my sister and my Mom have – are all the result of a lot of trial, error, and failure that led to the ultimate success.

Happy New Year and stay tuned for more emails about how you can make this year the last new year you spend alone.

P.S. This is the Katz family right after the ball dropped on December 31st. Let’s just say that things can only get better from here on out…

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