A Survivor of Prostitution Speaks Out


I share my experiences of being a prostituted woman, the psychology behind it and how I healed from it and became a survivor, capable of seeing men as human …


13 thoughts on “A Survivor of Prostitution Speaks Out

  1. DahStranger

    I have no reason to have this ind of compassion for the guys that go to
    strip bars. Strippers are in subordinate position that they probably cannot
    avoid while the men are in a position of power that they can easily avoid.
    I have heard a case against doing this type of thing, but it is because the
    harm being done to the women.

  2. Diana Boston

    @cannibalcountry yes, it does say it. It revolves around what men
    ‘supposedly’ want. I struggle with this because I don’t want to think that
    the money shot is what real men want but the young men are sure being
    programmed to think that’s sex.

  3. Tuckercrew

    Faved, you touch on the most basic dynamics of why selling one’s sexuality
    is bad.

  4. Diana Boston

    @DahStranger being ‘weak’. In patriarchy when you’re weak because of
    someone else you become a victim. In patriarchy-speak men claim victimhood
    in order to continue oppressing women by using them as
    prostitutes/strippers/pornography. You know the expression ‘pussy whipped.’
    To me that’s patriarchal language wrapped up to continue the oppression.
    Men claim the victim status to continue the objectification.

  5. theRoseofmyheart

    I like this video a lot.

  6. Angela Goodman

    What I struggle with is seeing these kinds of gender roles and behaviours
    seeping into everywhere. I live in New zealand; and im very conscious of
    inequality and the subordination of women in society and in media also. But
    I also respect men, I want equality. Only i struggle with observing this
    EVERYWHERE. people I know, people I know are good people either working in
    the sex industy or perveying views that are derogatory- if they understand
    it or not. its an epidemic 🙁

  7. Zaimren

    What a shame this will fall on deaf ears. You made so many good points.

  8. Diana Boston

    @Zaimren It will definitely fall on some deaf ears but not on all ears. I
    know that pro-slavery people won’t listen but this vid is hopefully going
    past them.

  9. cannibalcountry

    A woman’s orgasm isn’t the “money shot” – ya know? That alone says it all.
    Think about how often it’s treated as secondary.

  10. SkidRowRadio

    you’re honest about your progression and what you have learned. its

  11. Diana Boston

    @DahStranger I think guys who go to strip bars are insecure. They’re def
    guys I don’t want to be in my personal circle. Strippers are in a
    subordinate position on the whole. This is one of the justifications men
    will use to continue to objectify women: 1) women are making money off them
    th4 the women are in power so it gives men a subordinate position to the
    object 2) women are using their bodies over men. This is standard
    objectifying language. It also seems like a patriarchal reference to

  12. Diana Boston

    @MarciMK79 Well yes, when these young boys are on the net watching
    pornography as their first sexual experiences then there’s a HUGE problem.
    They’re getting off on the debasement of women. They’re DEVELOPING
    sexuality is being shaped by these images. What do you think these young
    boys are going to do when they meet a real girl/woman who most likely
    doesn’t look anything like those porn vids? How is he ever going to have
    authentic relationships?

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