Most abused US Solder on the internet about stolen identity and abused pic… Help this US Soldier to get his life back!!!! Share this video with everyone and Support Aaron Ramos in all this mess about his stolen Identity and abused pics. AARON RAMOS IS NOT ON ANY DATINGSITE, WHEN YOU SEE A PIC OF HIM THE PROFILE IS FAKE. NO SOLDIER ARE ALLOWED TO BE ON ANY DATINGSITES IN UNIFORM AND NO SOLDIER ARE ALLOWED BEING ON THE INTERNET WHEN THEY ARE ON DUTY IN IRAQ OR AFHGANISTAN. BE STRONG AARON, AM WITH YOU ALL THE WAY. I FIGHTING FOR YOU, LOVE NINA R GOD BLESS ALL TROOPS!!!!

19 thoughts on “AARON RAMOS VIDEO SCAM

  1. Lucia Alves Ferreira

    Show me please, the blow was applied to me recently, and I believe is im action again. I’m from Brazil? , my name is Lucia, my email : luciaalves19@hotmail.com, The good thing was that it was the true friend Aaron, Which I loved and idolized for so long thru your photos. It was sequelae Which are difficult to be forgotten. Thank you my friend, super hug.

  2. Lucia Alves Ferreira

    If i have to choose between loving? you and breathing. I will choose my last breath to say I love you. I’m from Brazil ! Please ache-o pra mim .

  3. Lucia Alves Ferreira

    “The magic of love is the greatest gift that god has given to men ” Kisses my love, I’m from Brazil ! The sgt Aaron? Ramos.

  4. Lucia Alves Ferreira

    Não tenho o que comentar sobre o video, já vi e revi varias vezes para matar a saudades my love.? I’m from Brazil !

  5. peggy driessen

    I have asked to join this group ,waiting for reply 🙂 my dream is to have conversation with the real Aaron? Ramos <3

  6. kimberly37814

    I was scammed by him seeing my pic on facebook and sending me a message.He went by Nelson S.Ramos, email was-sgtramos_smith@yahoo.com. and he is very good. W/ in 12 days he loved me,I was more important to him than the oxygen? in the air.But my daughter found him on romance scam.com and I emailed the scamer and told him there was a place for him in he.. He sent back,”and u will be right there by me.”

  7. peggy driessen

    So glad to know you are aware of this scammer . unfortunately i was scammed as well and still have hurt feelings ,i,m trying to? be strong,and now watching ur video makes me feel better ,to know this person is not getting away with this .I dont think i,ll ever forget you even though you dont know who I am ,GOD BLESS YOU AARON XO

  8. Lucia Alves Ferreira

    Kisses the sgto? Aaron Ramos, from Brazil !

  9. italiangirl4444

    I just got scammed by these jerks who stole this poor guys identity. The things they say are quite romantic at 1st but then? it’s so sappy that it starts to get old fast. I have to wonder what the real Aaron Ramos is going through. I hope the Army is somehow assisting him through this.

  10. profileseeka

    IT would help to publish email address Jessie .Snuble1976? knows me. Also post all you can to scamwarners website. You can contact scampolicegroup at our g mail address

  11. jess ie

    please could you please just contact me. I to? have been scamed and my heart just cant deal with it anymore.

  12. liza adames

    Do U know that im in love with the real ramos, yes hes the real one, in Afghanistan, and i contacted him through a scammer using his identity, we r now friends, and planning a meeting soon to see if we have chemistry, which i know we do.Bytches, out there need to be real men and use? their own identity.

  13. ainari14able

    Hi…i from Brunei.. This scammer got me too by using Ramos’s pictures n he introduced? himself as Lieutenant Colonel Williams Hakim Ahmad. Gosh now he is trying to fool Bruneien ladies by saying he is from Brunei,half British n half Bruneien. This scammer added me through Facebook. I saw Ramos’s name on the uniform he wore n when i asked him that name,he ignored my question. Luckily a lady told me about the real Ramos being scammed. So sorry for him.

  14. 58sunnygirl

    I talked to a James Ramos on SKYPE who showed me pics of Aaron Ramos. He didn’t ask for money (probably yet) but wanted to see me naked on the web cam, and wanted sex talk. It didn’t take me long to find out he was a fraud.
    Thank you Aaron for making us be more aware of the great service you are doing fighing for our freedom and also for letting us admire your handsome face on the pics.
    He? was going by James_Ramos44 Skype name, James.Ramos564@yahoo.com and phone no. he gave me 447045702964

  15. Sheran Cohen

    it must have been about a? year ago I actually chatted with Ramos and saw him on live camera… sad, sad that some real sick people take the internet that is such a wonderful invention and make it so evil.

    Stay safe Aaron.

  16. Anna Wentink

    hello snubble, please contact me in a private message I have information? not suitable for public use yet

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