Accused Missoula flasher to be released from jail, may move to Bigfork



A 22-year-old former University of Montana student accused of exposing himself to young girls while in possession of a date rape drug is set to be released from jail.

Cole Francisco pleaded not guilty to six criminal counts in April. Five involved indecent exposure while a sixth was for possession of dangerous drugs. He allegedly exposed himself to young girls at bus stops in Lolo and Missoula last Spring.

Court documents say officers found a bottle of Ketamine, a sedative sometimes associated with “date rape” in his vehicle when he was arrested in mid-March.

His bond was set at $125,000, which his family has agreed to pay so he can live with his grandparents in Bigfork.

He will not be allowed to resume classes at the University of Montana, despite making bail.

As part of amended conditions of release, Francisco will be allowed to drive within 1500 feet of a school if he is accompanied by a guardian and does not stop near the school.

He will also be allowed to have a phone without internet capabilities and will be placed on pretrial supervision when bond is posted.



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