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A man accused of choking and raping his Tinder dates will remain behind bars after police told a Melbourne court he is a danger to the community.

Brett Taylor, 25, is accused of raping a 19-year-old after matching with her on Tinder and meeting her at a Drouin pub, in Victoria’s West Gippsland region, in October 2018.

The woman had told Taylor she wasn’t interested in anything sexual, according to documents released by Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday.

After a dinner of pizza, Taylor allegedly grabbed and kissed her before taking her for a drive.

He is accused of raping her in a housing estate car park and choking her until she struggled to breathe.

In May this year, the same woman came across Taylor’s profile on Tinder and confronted him.

“Remember how I kept saying ‘no’ and u kept pressuring me lol. And then I cried after,” the woman said, according to police.

“Good times. F*** you. If a girl says no she means no.”

But Taylor had allegedly already gone on to rape another woman he met on Tinder.

He drank with the 18-year-old at student accommodation in suburban Burwood in March, police said.

The woman later said she began to feel strange. The next thing she remembered was being naked, with Taylor at the foot of her bed putting on a condom.

He allegedly choked and raped her repeatedly while she went in and out of consciousness.

Taylor, now unemployed and living with his family, later told police all the sexual encounters were consensual.

He allegedly said he matched with hundreds of girls on Tinder and didn’t choke much anymore unless someone was into it.

The 25-year-old faces four charges of rape and two of assault by choking.

Police said he was a danger to the community and Magistrate Peter Reardon denied him bail.

Taylor is due back in court for a committal mention on October 23.

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