An Adult Coloring Book Just Made Online Dating Way More Enjoyable


Do you consider yourself an OK Cupid connoisseur? A true-life Tinder talent? A swiping savant?

If you find yourself perpetually glued to the diminutive screen of your iPhone, ruffling crazily through a string of potential collaborators, take a moment to consider alternative solutions life. Show your complex love-hate relationship with online dating apps in a more therapeutic demeanour: yes, I’m talking about a pigment journal.

Artist Adam Seymourhas created young adults coloring notebook announced Colour A Lover — he’s Australian — switching the trials and tribulations of searching for love in cyberspace into sharp-worded black-and-white illustrations, just waiting for your style. The dye and pleasure work invites you to add pigment to your potential date’s bad tattoo, steer your route through his hipster beard, and ascertain his sex proclivities by analyzing his favorite songs.

“I’ve always been fascinated with social media and our ever changing rapport with engineering, ” Seymour wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “I has been noted that, with the increasing popularity of Tinder, more and more people are able to relate to this topic, and online dating apps are the new normal.”

Adam Seymour
Seymour’s past assignments include composing watercolor portraits of Grinder charts and moonlighting as a glad discontinuing masseur while sketching his clientele. It’s not extremely surprising that, given the soaring notoriety of the adult coloring work, Seymour opted to give it a shot.

“Adult coloring books have become really classy, especially with investigate rising evidencing the therapeutic tones it has, ” he excused. “It’s too a fun acces to zone out … same to the hours we spend online looking for love. I recalled this was an interesting latitude. Rather than doing another skill show, I wanted to introduce an interactive point to my work, whilst putting a brand-new spin on the coloring volume veer. The activity work also has the hashtag #ColourALover so people can upload cracks of their colorful formations in response to my job. I can’t wait to see what people come up with.”