Adventures In Dating—Spotlight On Facebook

Each week, Popdust’s intrepid reporter, Suzy McCoppin, goes deep undercover in order to guide you through the potentially murky waters of cyber lovin‘.

Can you really swipe, click, match, wink your way to true love?

This week, we shine the spotlight on Facebook.

This week, we shine the spotlight on Facebook. And yes, I realize that Facebook is not a dating site per se, but I’m confident that more that a few people have contracted HPVfrom correspondences born on the “social media” site.

Angelina Jolie Will Show You Her Boobs!

This week I found out if the social utility .com can be used to quell the relentless loneliness that haunts us all.

Actually, I scored a date with Russell Brand by pm’ing him. Well that was MySpace over a decade ago. But whatevs.

HOT TO NOT RATIO: Better than most dating sites.

BEST PICK UP LINE: “Can I offer you some roofie flavored Kombucha?’

WORST PICK UP LINE: “Are you going out with me, or do I have to stalk you?”*

(Best and worst are interchangeable)*


When I told Fatt I had nominated him as my “Hottest Guy,” he seemed ambivalent about the process.

His Approach/Chat Up Line: Are you a lesbian?

Conversation Skills/Rapport: He’s actually fucking hilarious, which makes me think he has fugly Jewish roommate who does all his texting for him.

Closing Skills: Totally frenched Britney Spears in the Toxic video, which is where I got that cheesy line.*


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