African Nigerian Scammer in Asia (Singapore & Malaysia) (???????- ???)


– Does somebody want to transfer millions of dollars into your account? – Does someone want to pay you to cash cheques and send them the money? – Met a new friend/penpal on a friendship/dating site who’s asking you for money? – Has a dying person contacted you wanting your help to give his money to charity? – Have you sold an item and are asked to accept a payment larger than the item amount? 419: the Nigerian Scam 419 Eater – The largest scambaiting community on the planet! Nigeria Dating Scam – CrimeWatch 2010 Ep10 Singapore Nigerian Scammer Exposed on ABC news Part 01 Nigerian Scammer Exposed on ABC news Part 02 – Interview with the nigerian scammer =========================================== (????????- ???) ?????????- ???????????


24 thoughts on “African Nigerian Scammer in Asia (Singapore & Malaysia) (???????- ???)

  1. Jack Moore

    Any women who lowers herself to fuck these nasy disease ridden niggers they deserve all they get and more. ALL NIGERIANS SHOULD BE BANNED FROM ALL COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD LEAVE THEM ALL TO KILL THEMSELVES? IN AFRICA. Kill all these whores who screw them.

  2. Anthony Medley

    My brother in Nigeria and Angola.? He was always surrounded by bodyguards because it is so dangereous in that part of the world.
    No law or order at all. Pretty much no central goverment. The countries are very dirty and poverty is bad.
    I don’t know who to blame for their situation. I personally will never go to any African country because either i’ll get killed or get some disease.

  3. numrock2002

    not only in asia! Also? in Europe…this fuckin nig…

  4. tom en icha esquivion

    hahahaha if asian girl,,no can get a white man,,,she will take a black man,,is not comen in asia to take a black bf,,blacks? in asia have in comen,a bad reputation,,,

  5. myfooddirectories

    more and more African Nigerian in Asia now, they basically contribute nothing but scam,? drugs, rape, and spending girl’s money… SHIT!!

  6. Sanni John

    so whats the big deal about being an m.d.? oh yeah its a big deal for ur peeps. i bet you are a swindler too. u cant help it ’cause its in your blood. all nigerians believe in God while they scam, produce gaggles kinky haired sicklers and take ass kickings from a “loving” arranged marriage husband, then? get impregnated with another sickler by the man who just kicked their ass, then read the Bible….. just sayin’!

  7. myfooddirectories

    some countries treat them as drugs dealer,? drugs trafficking, to some countries will face death sentence. thanks to those HELL Nigerian.

  8. myfooddirectories

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  9. myfooddirectories

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  10. myfooddirectories

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  11. myfooddirectories



  12. myfooddirectories

    HOPELESS Nigerian Scammer, disgusting cockroaches….?

  13. 888FOAD

    Greedy people(mostly woman’s) deserve being scammed? ..hahahaha

  14. smeyer206

    wt… I love how they just throw it in there at the end “some of these women may? face the death sentence”. How do they justify putting people to death for drug possession…..

  15. rogan joshuar

    what type of saddo would have anything to do with these evil scum?

  16. mzcella4u

    YALL SO DISCRIMINATE? about NIGERIAN FOR NO REASON.. EVEN BRITISH,EUROPE,USA..ETC…COUNTRIES HAVE THEIR BAD SIDE. NO ONE EVER SEE IT ONLINE.. SO YALL SHOULD GET A LIFE…..many child molested by white men..and raped little children.. black here selling drugs smuggling drugs,they also want fast money.. if people got scam online is because they are greedy. Money that is not yours.someone will be asking you to pay some fee to get some percentage and you did. aren’t you a scammer as well?

  17. the9darkknights

    ugly ass mother fuckers. no wonder? they have such a bad image around asia

  18. k123187

    Nigerians screw over white women? in America once they have there kids they take them back to there country and the mother never see them again so sad but this is fucked up too though

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