Aisle: high-intent dating app developed and designed by Indians for Indians | #tinder | #pof


Aisle is a high-intent dating app with more success stories per 1,000 users than any other platform in India. It is the only brand built by Indians and competes with billion-dollar companies like Tinder and Bumble etc.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, singles have been looking for ways to not just match online, but also have their first date via the internet. Aisle’s feature of creating Rooms where members can have an audio-only interaction with the host and then choose to match with the guests has been a great hit. Each Rooms’ session was found to last approximately 14 minutes, with 70 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women utilizing this newly launched live streaming feature. Moreover, since Rooms is audio-only, and not one-on-one video, women in particular, have shown more comfort in engaging via this feature.

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Furthermore, this feature has enabled more engagement between Indians living in India and NRIs. Aisle has acquired over three million users, of which, nine per cent are NRIs from across 100 countries. Over the last year, the dating app’s user base is up by 100 per cent. It has increased by 22 per cent since the COVID-19 lockdown.

The app said that during the lockdown, matches per user have increased by almost 20 per cent and conversations have grown by 12 per cent, averaging 11,221 minutes of audio conversation per day. The lockdown has reiterated people’s need for having a partner as opposed to casual flings. And with the current growth rates, and people’s motivation to search for meaningful relationships, Aisle is on its way to reach Rs 100 crore ARR by the year 2024.

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