Alex Ketchum the Toronto based YouTuber who’s making waves on social media with his brand of original viral content | #tinder | #pof

26-year-old Canadian YouTuber Alex Ketchum is showing exactly what is takes to make it as a content creator. Currently based in the heart of Toronto, Alex has been making waves online with his brand of original viral content. Picking up the video camera at a young age, Alex has always had a passion for making videos. In high school he spent his free time making films with his friends, which is what made Alex realize that he wanted to be a content creator. Alex attended York University for Film Production, graduating with honours. Producing award winning films and series such as Tinder The Web Series, which was a Vimeo original short series based upon the popular dating application Tinder and embarked on some of the worst possible online dating scenarios.

Although Alex loves filmmaking, he realized what he truly enjoyed more was being in front of the camera. With a drive to entertain, Alex decided to start creating content for YouTube. Alexs videos quickly gained popularity and even caught the attention from international publications. One of his videos titled Fixing my wall with ramen noodleswas featured by VT and LadBible, receiving several million views across their Facebook pages. International Business Times recently published an article about Alex Ketchum, calling his work a refreshing and clever take on many popular Youtube trends.

Alex believes in only producing the highest quality work. you should only put out things youre proud of, said the YouTuber. According to Alex, consistently producing high quality content online is a lot harder than most people think. Its a full time job and youre constantly facing criticism when putting yourself out there on social media. It can U Yg h  be a toxic environment, but its important to keep your head up and have confidence in the content youre producing. Alex Ketchum definitely has the right stuff to make it as an influencer, and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

You can also follow Alex Ketchum on Twitter and Instagram @AlexKetchum.

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